Todd Lubar on current trends in the real estate industry

Baltimore, popularly known as the “Charm City” is a favorite area among the young professionals. Although the city is losing in population the demographic data show that many young people are starting their career here. The trend is expected to continue as the economy grows. The trend the economy takes will be a great determinant of the future of the city. With the high number of young professionals settling here, there has been an increase in demand for apartments. The huge demand has seen real estate developers focus thro attention in this area. They are building new apartments as well as refurbishing the old buildings. Currently, there is a high number of apartments and condominiums in the city.


Baltimore is focused on rebuilding the infrastructure sector which is one of the important factors in a city that is promising to grow into one of the best. Infrastructure not only includes the availability of housing units but also god means of transport. Currently, there are many businesses opening up in the city and will soon need people to work. There must be a transport network that will facilitate movement of the people from the suburban areas to the city.


The business sector in the city is gaining momentum rapidly. With the development of infrastructure and presence of young professionals who provide necessary labor, the city is becoming a target of businesses. It has all that is needed to become a great city in the future. Startups businesses are also picking up very well in the area as the environment is conducive for them to thrive.


Another thing that will determine the growth of the city is the cost of living. Projections show that the cost of living in the city will not rise significantly in the new future. This means that for the near future, this will be a good destination for business and people starting their career. Real-estate developers are now focused on the young generation who are going to form a large part of the demographic. Social amenities which address the needs of the young people are also expected to come up. Luxury shopping centers, restaurants and other entertainment joints are going to be on the rise. Even as statistics show a drop in the number of permanent residents in this area, real-estate developers are not worried because the young generation are going to offer opportunities in the future.


Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar currently serves as the President of TDL Ventures. He has experience in the real-estate industry where he has worked exclusively for the last two decades. Todd Lubar has mainly been involved in credit and finance. He also owns various companies related to the real-estate industry and a demolition company.


Todd Lubar attended Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A. in Speech Communication. After his graduation, he ventured into the real-estate industry.


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