The Life of Mark Holterman as a Doctor and a Professor

The Life of Mark Holterman as a Doctor and a Professor

Our bodies must be healthy for us to pursue our daily activities. When one is unwell, our bodies stop functioning normally hence making us unable to carry out our daily routine. The current environment has predisposed us to many diseases that are chronic and life-threatening. Nevertheless, there are doctors globally that treat such diseases and help us maintain healthy lives. Doctor Mark Holterman is one of the great doctors worldwide who contributes to maintaining lives of people living with chronic illness.

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Doctor Holterman belongs to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) which is committed to finding the cure for chronic diseases such diabetes. The ADA announced a joint initiative with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in early September 2017 with the aim of addressing the increase rate of diabetes type 2 in children and teenagers. These two organizations have come up with an experience known as Camp Power Up which utilizes an evidenced-based curriculum to engage youths in physical activities as well as teaching them on how to make healthy food choices that will reduce the risk of having diabetes type 2.

As the CEO of regenerative medicine –focused Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark maintains a keen interest in the development of cell-based therapies ( President Obama signed the 21ST-century cure act after it was passed by the United States Congress. It was designed to help patients suffering from serious illnesses. These patients benefit by getting fast track to drugs as well as medical devices. In addition, this act channels new funds into the medical research. The act builds on the Food and Drug Administration’s recent practice where by the inputs of patients are incorporated into the urgency’s drug approval procedures. These have enabled the act to provide quick and efficient FDA Approval process for certain stem cell treatments before they are released to the market.

Dr. Mark Holterman studied at the University of Virginia. Holterman is the professor of surgery and pediatrics at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. He has been working as a professor of this University for the past six years. Throughout his life as a clinician and professor, Dr. Mark has been active in many professional organizations including Mariam Global Health, American Diabetes Association among other organizations.

Up to date, Mark Holterman MD has been awarded four awards which include America’s Top Doctors, National Merit Scholar which he received when he was studying at Yale University, Innovative Research Award and NIH Medical Training Program. Dr. Mark has 29 years of experience, and he is primarily located in Maywood IL and Peoria IL.


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