Siteline Cabinetry and Individualized Cabinets

Siteline Cabinetry is a company that gives consumers plentiful choices in cabinets that are sturdy and dependable. Experienced designers regularly turn to Siteline Cabinetry for assistance with all kinds of office, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and renovation projects. People who spend a lot of time in lovely offices, kitchens and bathrooms often feast their eyes on Siteline Cabinetry’s thrilling cabinet offerings. Siteline Cabinetry creates eye-catching items that are appropriate for people with all kinds of aesthetic requirements. These products can fit beautifully in all kinds of spaces, too. Siteline Cabinetry goes above and beyond to focus on customization, strength and excellence overall. It’s also a company that stresses reasonable price tags. People who depend on Siteline Cabinetry never have to exceed their budgets.

This company enables people to pick between close to 300 pleasant materials and finishes. They can go for top-quality wraps, glazes, laminates, paints and stains. Pat Corsi is the individual who created Siteline Cabinetry. Corsi indicates that purchasers tend to gravitate toward paint. Kitchen cabinets that are pale in color are on the rise. There are also many people out there who appreciate dark tones that are reminiscent of the tranquility of nature.

People can browse many cabinet doors through Siteline Cabinetry. Cabinet doors are accessible in 45 plus stunning designs. People can revel in materials like sturdy aluminum and even alder. They can revel in thermofoil, acrylic, cherry, maple, red oak and walnut, too. Siteline Cabinetry has no shortage of great materials on hand for its customer base.

Storage accessories are a possibility for people who shop through Siteline Cabinetry, too. People can get customized drawers that can properly and effectively store all types of items. People who are looking for drawers that are suitable for silverware can lean on Siteline Cabinetry.

Siteline Cabinetry’s offerings are all manufactured on United States soil. Its manufacturing facility is located in Keysville in Virginia. Siteline Cabinetry is a business that always emphasizes efficiency for clients. It has lead times that are notably quick. Lead times for Siteline Cabinetry can be just 28 days. Siteline Cabinetry believes in optimal convenience.

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End Citizens Role In Changing The Rigged System In The United States

In 2010 the United States Supreme Court announced a court ruling that changed the way politicians could get funding for their campaigns. The case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was won by Citizens United. This ruling means that corporations and unions can donate unlimited sums of money towards a campaign of any politician by sponsoring ads and any other methods to ensure the politician wins the election. In simple terms, the funding can determine who wins and who doesn’t –taking over the democracy of the people. More so, organizations like Citizens United do not reveal who funds the campaigns.

End Citizens United (ECU) on the other hand is a political action committee (PAC) that was set up in March 2015 to overturn Citizens United by supporting politicians who are pro-finance reforms in political campaigns. It is financed by grassroots donations and not ‘big money’ that have an interest in the result of the elections. The group encourages individuals who are pro-reform to form social media pages and pages to raise awareness among citizens. Although most of the members are Democrats, the group hopes to attract more Republicans to join the movement towards reforms in election financing.


Senator Kristen Gillibrand announced on January 1, 2018, that she would no longer be accepting the contribution from corporate PACs. Gillibrand who is up for midterm reelection this year hopes to promote open governance in New York. From her records of serving in the Clinton Administration to being a member of several Senate committees, it is no doubt that she aims to serve people and not special interest groups.

On 13th February 2018, Senator Cory Booker tweeted that he is also joining other senators in the efforts of mending the elections finance system by not accepting corporate PAC contributions. Booker who is rumored to have interest in vying for the 2020 presidential elections made his statement just after Senator Gillibrand released her video on YouTube. End citizens united is looking forward to working with Cory Booker and Kristen Gillibrand to change the electoral system in the country. Other senators against the idea of accepting corporate PAC money into their campaigns are Bernie Sanders, Maria Cantwell, and Elizabeth Warren.

In its first cycle End Citizens United was able to help elect 15 leaders who are pro-reform. During this year’s midterm reelections that may be held on 6th November 2018, the group hopes to attract new members who are pro-reform. End Citizens United is also planning to raise donations from its grassroots members to $35 million from the previous contributions that were $12 million. The midterm elections will definitely attract spending from various corporations, and unions and this funding will help the group support reformers to be able to change the current rigged system.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Prepares Bumble For The Next Stage

Bumble has already taken off as the fastest growing dating app. You can look everywhere and see young people using it as their preferred dating app. The only way for things to go better is to change Bumble into something much more. It doesn’t have to be about one thing. It can expand and give the world a way to enjoy everything it has to offer. That’s exactly what Whitney Wolfe wants to do with her new app and she is determined to make sure that the world is fully aware of everything that she plans on doing for Bumble now.The main way that she wants to expand the reach of Bumble is by making the app into a social media network. She’s using the same design of the dating app in ways that it traditionally hasn’t been used.

With this in mind she believes she has the ability to make her app much more appealing as one doesn’t have to “leave” Bumble in order to meet other needs. That’s powerful and has the ability to create something we’ve never seen before. It’s technology doing what technology was designed to do in the first place. Despite this potential for success Wolfe has seen that there is still much to do and that she can’t keep still for too long.Whitney Wolfe is trying to do much more than she has seen in the past. She wants to make this into a billion dollar company and she wants to make her empowerment of women the central focus.

This is so much more than what other dating apps are trying to be. She wants to be at the center of the app world and she wants to take over the market for herself. If this gives her the chance we may be able to see that happen. It’s not going to happen over night but if she is determined there is a way to do that.The next phase for this company is going to change the way that many people decide to think about it. Before the age of 30 Wolfe has already managed to turn it into something that just about everyone likes. If she’s able to she’ll turn this into a name we won’t forget. The gender dynamics paradigm has been shifted and Bumble is going to take credit for that. It’s a revolution in the dating world.

American Institute Of Architects: A Powerful Voice Advocating For Architects

     American Institute of Architects is the premiere organization which represents licensed architects as well as other professionals involved industries of design and construction in the United States. When it was founded in 1857, there were no schools for architecture and no organized licensure process for architects. Anyone could claim to be an architect and the public didn’t hold architects in high regard. Through the work of the AIA, architects are now respected and often revered. The organization was started in New York with 13 members. Today the AIA has over 300 chapters and more than 90,000 members.

Initially, the goal of the AIA was to organize and improve the public image of the profession. Today the American Institute of Architects provides education, community redevelopment, government advocacy, support for the architecture profession, along with helping to coordinate the building industry. In 2010, the AIA named Robert Ivy FAIA as its CEO and executive vice president. He took office in February 2011. In the architectural profession Ivy is greatly recognized and a well-respected figure.

In 1996 he became Architectural Record’s editor-in-chief. During his time there the publication won many prestigious publishing industry awards and was among the world’s most widely read architecture publications. He was also McGraw-Hill Construction’s editorial director and vice president. Ivy was responsible for their family of design and construction publications’ editorial quality and managing the large editorial organization. In 2009, Robert Ivy received the Crane Award for his contributions to business media. It’s the top award given by American Business Media.

Robert Ivy has a B.A. in English he earned at The University of the South. He also graduated from Tulane University with a masters degree in architecture. He was an Ivy Architects principal and a Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy managing partner for over 13 years. Alpha Rho Chi, the world-renowned 100 year old architectural fraternity, recognized Robert Ivy as Master Architect in 2010 for his work teaching a new generation about the value of design. Only 7 people have earned that designation in the fraternity’s history. In 1993, Ivy became an AIA College of Fellows member.

After serving as an advocate for architects around many important political, social and environmental issues and being a dedicated AIA Board of Directors member, Robert Ivy’s new role will see him managing the AIA national headquarter in Washington, DC, its 206 employees and $56 million annual budget and enhancing its effectiveness. Ivy will direct the focus of the organization to design and practice issues, strengthen the AIA’s voice on the value of design and improve the understanding of the public when it comes to issues related to architects and architecture. The entire AIA membership looks forward to working with him.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar – The Elite Plastic Surgeon

  • February 22, 2018
  • Health

Dallas, Tx is becoming an elite-driven city and because of it, it has to accomodate to everyone’s wants and needs – specifically, with plastic surgery.

Dallas has a wide range of nationally-recognized plastic surgeons. One of the top, board-certified surgeons is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. He specializes in plastic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body, and breasts. He has been in business for 12 years and his experience is shown through his patient’s cosmetic results.

In addition to practicing cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar also practices reconstructive surgery. This means that individuals want or need plastic surgery due to an image-altering injury or condition.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar provides his patients with the best care possible and shows pride and passion in his work. Because he cares about his patients, he wanted to better serve them. So he opened plastic surgery offices in Dallas and Plano. He also opened up three different buildings to meet all of his patient’s plastic surgery needs – the Dallas Day Surgery Center, The Cloisters at Park Lane (a plastic surgery recovery center), and the EpiCentre Park Lane and EpiCentre Legacy (for the plastic surgery specific to skin care).

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s state-of-the-art surgeries give his plastic surgery patients various ways that they can be properly taken care of. He will continue to provide his expertise and knowledge to patients who need his plastic surgery care and as a result, his patients will continue to receive the upmost care at his offices that are pinpointed towards the proper care and recovery of the plastic surgeries.

Another Acquisition For Securus Technologies of Dallas, Texas

Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, Robert “Bob” Pickens announced in early January that the holding company has purchased payment processor, GovPayNet. This is the latest in a long series of acquisitions for Securus, one of the largest providers of technology-based solutions for law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities. This move will further strengthen the company’s stronghold in the payment processing space, giving them the capability to electronically process over 40 million credit and debit payments per year. GovPayNet will remain in its current form with Mark MacKenzie remaining as CEO for the Indianapolis-based company. GovPayNet provides services to over 2,300 agencies across the country, covering 35 states and 26% of counties in the United States.


Securus Technologies owns over 20 wholly owned subsidiaries that provide a multitude of services to government agencies and corrections facilities all over the United States and Mexico. They are the premier provider of inmate self-service to include telecommunication, video, email, and voice messaging. They also provide corrections facilities with accounting of commissary accounts, inmate and parolee tracking, biometric analysis, and many more. The company’s provides services over 3,500 correction facilities with over 1.2 million inmates using their services at any given time.


Since the company was founded in 1986 they have produced over 230 patents for their innovative technology-based solutions. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas with field office locations in Carrollton and Allen, Texas as well as Atlanta, Georgia. They operate their own call center that is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They employ over 1,300 people, including some 150 field service technicians around the country. Some of the company’s subsidiaries it operates under are Telerus, CellBlox, JPay, and Guarded Exchange.

How Sahm Adrangi Makes Money for His Hedge Fund

Sahm Adrangi is an entrepreneur in the financial industry. After graduating from Yale he got a job as an analyst at Deutsche Bank. He had a position in their leveraged finance department for around one and a half years before he left to join another financial firm, Chanin Capital Partners. At this company he handled bankruptcy restructuring transactions. After another year and a half he joined Longacre Fund Management, LLC. Here he was one of the analysts of a $2 billion hedge fund that invested in distressed debt.

Founding Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC in 2009, he now manages his own hedge fund. He started out with just $300,000 that came from his own pockets and those of his close family. His first big score for his fund was when he shorted a group of U.S.-listed Chinese companies that he had identified as phony companies. He made a few million doing this, he says. He said he likes to short companies like his idol in the industry, Dan Loeb.

Sahm Adrangi was just 32 years old when he started Kerrisdale Capital Management. He was born in Iran but grew up in Canada. He had first moved to the United States in order to attend Yale University. After he scored with the fake Chinese companies he started getting larger and larger investors using his hedge fund to make money. His strategy involves researching companies and figuring out what their big flaw is. Once he spots the flaw he shorts the company and then reveals to others in the industry why the company’s stock value is terribly overpriced.

More recently, Sahm Adrangi has been taking a close look at companies that are in biotech. One of the companies he shorted in this industry was Prothena. They have a drug in the pipeline called NEOD001 which is being researched to see if it can cure AL amyloidosis. The company’s market cap went past $2 billion which Sahm Adrangi thought was terribly overvalued. His research showed that the drug didn’t have any promise to it. The company also had to shut down another drug, for psoriasis, that failed in its PhaseIb stage.

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Using Music to Stir Excitement in Customers Like Lori Senecal

  • January 29, 2018
  • CEO

When it comes to advertising, it is very important to use some of the different arts that can go in to ad campaigns. For ads that are shown on TV or video sites, the best thing to do to get the attention of customers is to use music. This is one of the fun parts of advertising. People need to find the right type of music that will get people excited about the product or otherwise interested in the product. This is not to say that there has to be cool or dramatic music in order to get people on board. Instead, there are steps to follow in order to get the right type of music for the ad. For more details visit Bloomberg.


One person who knows how to find the right type of music for her ad campaigns is Lori Senecal. One thing that she does is break down the advertising process into steps. Among the steps she takes is looking at the type of customers that are going to buy the products that are being advertised. Among the things she looks at are the types of lives they typically lead. This includes their values, favorite shows, types of media and other factors. Check out to see more.



One major factor that Lori Senecal looks at is the type of product she is trying to sell. For one thing, the product is the one aspect of the ad that should determine or at least influence the music. For one thing, if the product is something that looks cool, then the best thing to do is use high energy and exciting music to bring about the feelings that can be associated with the type of product that is being promoted. This can attract the right audience to the product and as a result sell tons of products for the client. You can follow her Twitter account.





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Fagali’I Airport For Local And International Travelers

The Fagali’I Airport has seen a tremendous boom in the past decade since it was reopened by Polynesian Airlines. The airport was once owned and operated by the government and used for military operations. After selling to Polynesian Airlines, the airport was opened to the public and is used now for both local and international travel.

The Fagali’I Airport is Samoa’s leading airport, as it has many flight options available to make traveling easier and more convenient. Despite the rich history that Fagali’I Airport has, it continues to grow and expand so that it can benefit those who are using its services.


If you are going to be traveling through the Fagali’I Airport, one of the first things you are going to notice is the large amount of amenities and features within the airport itself. These includes a gorgeous and well-rounded restaurant where you can grab a delicious meal between flights according to If you’d rather some quicker, you can choose from a number of cafes and gift shops, which make buying candies and goodies for the flight effortless. You can book a flight through the Fagali’I Airport by visiting the airport’s website and using their brand new and fully-integrated booking system. This system has been put into place to make it effortless for people to find and purchase their own tickets.

You can also find the Fagali’I Airport online by visiting their social media pages on some of the most popular websites. Plans have recently emerged claiming that the Fagali’I Airport will be undergoing maintenance and renovations to expand the company to accommodate even more airlines. Whether you choose to fly locally or internationally, the Fagali’I Airport has you covered with a range of high-quality options at even better prices. While the reopening of the Fagali’I Airport was controversial for the locals, it has been an economic boom for the area and has brought in a lot of money. according to, the Fagali’I Airport makes it easy for families and individuals to travel in style and without spending a ton of money just so that you can arrive at your brand new destination.

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End Citizens United Targets Vulnerable House Seats in 2018 Blue Wave

If the political action committee End Citizens United has their way, the 2018 Midterm Elections will change the face of the United States government. End Citizens United is a political action committee that was created in 2015 as a response to the rapid influx of dark money that has been flooding through the government, purchasing legislators in order to get them to ignore voters in favor of corporate donors. End Citizens United specifically was created in order to introduce a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 SCOTUS case revolving around the conservative propaganda group, Citizens United. Citizens United argued that corporations should be considered as people and that their mega-donations were simply a facet of of their ‘freedom of speech’ and as such should be protected.

In order for End Citizens, United to have success in their quest of introducing a constitutional amendment, End Citizens United will need to help put the right legislators into place in order to make a difference. Progressive legislators who are willing to use their position in order to become champions of campaign finance reform will need to ascend up the 2018 Midterm Elections in order to wrestle some control away from conservative giants who are committed to lobbyists and special interests. End Citizens United has already targeted four vulnerable seats inside of California that could be turned and thus start a corresponding progressive wave throughout Washington, and what End Citizens United knows.

The seats that End Citizens United are targeting were listed among 16 others in a document that ECU put together to help prepare American voters who want to make a difference. The four most vulnerable seats belong to: Mimi Walters (Irvine), Dana Rohrabacher (Costa Mesa), Darrell Issa (Vista) as well as Duncan Hunter. Hunter and Issa have both been in the news recently for allegations of impropriety with campaign funds. Rohrabacher was mentioned in the infamous tape with Paul Ryan who alleged that Rohrabacher was probably paid by Putin. Mimi Walters is simply vulnerable due to her defense of Donald Trump’s incredibly unpopular administration, and

In order for change to be enacted, End Citizens United will have to inspire American voters to get out and hit the ballots en masse. Midterm elections are notoriously tough to get people interested in but the dumpster-fire that has been the Trump administration may be enough to galvanize progressives who want to take the opportunity to make a difference. During the 2016 Presidential Election, End Citizens United was successful in raising and spending nearly $25 million in order to support pro-campaign finance reform candidates. End Citizens United has already raised $12 million, dated past October, and they’ll look to be equally ready to put their money on the line in the upcoming 2018 Midterm elections in order to help make a difference, and more information click here.