Freedom Checks Are Genuine Income; They Exist

When Matt Badiali posted a video featuring him holding a fat check worth $314,000, no one took him seriously at first glance. In an age when the internet is full of spammers, pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing plans that never seem to deliver their investment promise, it is normal for people to become pessimistic and suspicious of investment openings. However, it is for the same reason that many people are also likely to miss out on great investment information. It turns out that Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are not a hoax.

What are Freedom Checks?

Matt Badiali is a seasoned geologist and investor. He has traversed the world collecting important information in his geological research activities. He has also invested broadly in many sectors. Matt is regarded as a shrewd investor and consultant by his peers. In the controversial video that attracted a lot of interest on social media and in investment forums, Matt seeks to stir the latent investment energy in people. His display of the checks is informed by his discovery that there is a legitimate investment that can yield handsome returns for the American citizens much more than any government-sponsored program. The checks that Matt Badiali was spotted holding are a representation of checks that issued by a certain special group of companies to its investors. In other words, Matt was referring to checks that truly exist. The Freedom Checks that Matt was referring to are issued by master Limited Partnership Companies. The companies number 568 at the moment. They are guided by Statute 26-F. The statute requires such companies to be involved in the exploration and transportation of oil and gas in the US. The law demands that for a company to be included in the MLPs, it must be generating 90% of its revenue from the activities mentioned above. The company is also required to distribute 90% of its profits to its shareholders at the end of every trading season. Visit at to know more.

How Matt Learned of Freedom Checks

Matt is a professional geologist. He has conducted lots of research in the area of natural resources and agriculture. He, therefore, has been engaged to share his knowledge with institutions and individuals. He has lectured in various universities, including the University of North Carolina and Duke University. He has also been requested to lead projects by senior oil industry players including T Boone Pickens. He learned of Freedom Checks when running errands for one the billionaire oil industry players and had a chance to interact broadly with many executives in the oil and gas sector. Read more:



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