Women in Business (1)

Malini Saba is Changing the Culture for Women At-Risk

Malini Saba is a true inspiration to all the women in the world that are interested in conquering their fears and gaining a name for themselves in the business world. She is someone that has taken information that has been given to her in financial matters and turned this into a career that has made her millions. It has become very easy for me to believe that there is a spot for women in the business world because of people like Malini. She has shown me that woman do not have to play the background while men accelerate to the top of the corporate ladder.


I think it is impressive that she has been able to touch so many lives in the business world, but she is also inspiring a whole new generation of women with her nonprofit organization as well. People that have seen Malini in action are well aware of just how much of a difference she has made with her nonprofit organization. The Stree Foundation has managed to help a lot of women overcome their fears of living their best lives. She has been able to help women that may help otherwise fell into the entrapment of drug abuse or domestic violence. She has helped a lot of women escape poverty, and I believe that she deserves recognition for all that she has done for women that are at risk.


Honestly, the work that Malini Saba has done is work that anyone could have done. She did not reinvent the wheel or build an organization with a concept that was totally new and unheard-of. She simply had a desire from the depths of her soul to build an organization that would benefit women that were living less than their best lives. She has proven over the years that philanthropy comes in all different forms. There are some people that give their time to worthy causes. Others may have a desire to donate money to different charities.


Saba has certainly made it possible for people, especially women and children, to live better lives. She has proven that women can lead and they can also extend a hand to help.