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Osteo Relief Institute: What You Need To Know About Arthritis

Despite being shockingly common, arthritis is mostly not well understood. The term refers to joint pain or ailment in general, and not a single disease as most people believe. Arthritis exists in over 100 forms, affecting a U.S. adult population of over 50 million. Women form a majority of those affected, and the disease occurs more frequently as people age. This condition is the country’s leading cause of disability.


The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which occurs when the cartilage begins to degenerate ( This scenario causes pain, stiffness, and swelling as the bones rub against each other. With time, the joints waken, and the pain increases to chronic levels. The risk factors of this condition include family history, excess weight, previous injury, and age. While the condition has no direct cure, the Osteo Relief Institute provides several treatment options that protect the quality of life while managing the pain.

The Osteo Relief Institute recommends several elements of arthritis self-management which can be ideally employed for relief and maximum success. First, patients may be advised to work on their daily routine by performing gentle exercises before bed while avoiding repetitive movements. Additionally, Osteo Relief Institute provides medical options such as painkillers, physical therapy, and orthopedic surgery.


Based in New Jersey, the Osteo Relief Institute boasts a team of experienced and highly trained staff. The institute also has advanced and state of the art equipment that provide long-lasting solutions to patients. All the employed technology is FDA approved.


Osteo Relief Institute majorly focuses on providing safe and efficient treatments without surgery. The providers specialize in joint injection. Osteo Relief Institute considers itself as the provider of the most effective and advanced knee treatments that are available for patients looking for alternative knee treatments.


Osteo Relief Institute began its operations in June 2012. Other than the New Jersey clinic, it operates multiple worldwide treatment facilities. According to the Better Business Bureau, the facility has an A+ rating.


Osteo Relief Institute is a Limited Liability company. It is managed by IgalDubov, having been incorporated in June 2012. The award-winning healthcare provider lies in the Pain Management Services business category.