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Jason Hope and his IoT projections for airline experience

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there are some transmitting devices which would act as your personal guides whenever you are doing an air travel? Jason Hope, the futurist and a technology enthusiast based out of Scottsdale, Arizona has a great hope for the Bluetooth beacons to guide you in the right direction if you are lost or headed on a wrong track. He also mentions how research and development are already on its way which would not only give you walking directions but also estimated time of travel towards the gate. And all of this could be accessed through your smartphones or any related smart devices. It would also notify you if the gates are being closed so that you could rush and not miss the flight.

There are at least a handful of passengers who would look for a wheelchair during airline travel. Jason Hope believes that with this new revolutionary technology, you would have no issues whatsoever as you will be guided to the place where you could find one. With this technology, even if the flight is delayed, you would not be bored as it would suggest you with things like bookstores or even restaurants in the near vicinity. Jason Hope mentions that many airlines are already doing some flavor of it and many more are on their way to implement it.

Jason Hope mentions that the overall customer experience is not going to stop here. Many top players in the industry are developing what they call seating sensors in order to monitor passenger enjoyment during the travel. If the passenger goes through conditions like fatigue or low hydration levels, it would automatically detect it so that the cabin crew could make necessary corrections. He also mentions how this amazing boon to the world is also helping airlines to increase their fuel efficiency. Auxiliary power units would be monitored and data related to terrains, weather, trajectory and navigation routes would be analyzed. One of the low-cost airlines have already stunned the environment and also saved heavily on fuel through this advancement.

Jason Hope strongly believes that airlines are just the beginning and this technology is bound to make leaps into other industries which would implement it in a heartbeat in order to sustain competitive advantage. He also makes projections about the limitless possibilities that could be derived from this technology which is certainly going to explode in the time to come.

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Malcolm CasSelle the Chief Information Officer of WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur, CIO (Chief Information Officer) of OPSkins and president of the company WAX which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. Currently, OPSkins is the global leader in the sale of in-game virtual assets, also known as game skins. Game skins are virtual currency that is used to make bets on professional egames (electronic sports. OPSkins is a centralized marketplace for the sale of virtual assets. However, the market is now becoming decentralized. That is, OPSkins is offering a new platform known as WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). WAX is a marketplace that allows the trading of virtual assets. WAX applies a blockchain technology which allows game players to buy and sell virtual assets without difficulty. Malcolm CasSelle is confident in the platform and believes it will introduce the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream, and what Malcolm CasSelle knows.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, the central marketplace for buying and selling items on online videogames. Malcolm has an impressive resume in terms of education and experience. Malcolm holds degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Stanford University. He also speaks both Mandarin and Japanese. Formerly, Malolcm was a co-founder of PCCW (Pacific Century CyberWorks) a publicly traded telecommunications company based in China. He served as a top executive in Groupon’s (an ecommerce marketplace) venture with the Chinese instant messaging and gaming company Tencent. He has also been named CEO for the global social network for video game players known as Xfire. He also has served as CEO of an online paywall solution known as MediPass.

Now as CIO (Chief Information Officer) of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) a global decentralized marketplace for the virtual assets, he will be playing an important role in the virtual video game trading market. Surely his name will be a name many people will be familiar with in the near future, and

Newswatch TV Review – What Tim Rush of Saygus Has To Say

Saygus, a company that produces smartphones, had to launch a new product, so they hired Newswatch TV to help them out. Newswatch TV traveled to Barcelona to film the segment. The segment was aired at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and it was also used to help Saygus reach their goal in their IndieGoGo campaign. Not only did they reach their goal, they exceeded it by three hundred thousand dollars, raising a total of one million and three hundred thousand dollars.

Tim Rush is the Vice President of Saygus. He said that it is extremely important to get the right message across and get it delivered to the right audience. It must also be at the right time. He said that Newswatch TV was able to do this, and it meant everything for their Indiegogo campaign. He added that they make the right connection between what Saygus wants to say and what their audience wants to hear, and this lets them drive up sales dramatically. He said that the video that they created was extremely professional. He added that he would highly recommend Newswatch. He called them an extremely professional and a competent organization that listens to your needs and to your audience and knows where those two connect.

Newswatch TV produces content on a wide range of subjects. Many celebrities appear on their show. They have been around for many years. They reach over ninety six million households.

Newswatch TV has won many awards. They air segments that are thirty minutes long and have often been cited as among the best half hour long television programs. They started out as a program that covered financial news, but they moved on to include consumer news and technology news. There is a focus on new products, and many companies have been able to get out the word about their products because of them.

Bob Reina: He’ll Keep His Word

Bob Reina is one of those individuals where his word means everything. When he talks about something or mentions something, it carries a lot of weight with it. It carries a lot more weight than the average person. He knows this and because he knows this, he wants to make sure he is going to give someone all that he has and then some. As he has pointed out in interviews, he knows that with great power comes great responsibility. He is not going to use his power for evil or for his own gain.


For example, he made an eye-popping donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He did this because he knew these animals needed help, as did The Tampa Bay Humane Society. He wanted to do something that was going to eliminate some of the pressure off their shoulders. It was going to save the lives of animals and it was going to keep them up and running. His latest act of kindness was offering 30-day free trials to new customers of Talk Fusion, the award-winning video communications company that has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are what people need to get an up and coming business moving in the right direction.


One of the greatest joys that someone can experience is the ability to work from home. They get to spend more time with their family, they have time for themselves, and they get to set their own schedule. They start to feel like they are back in control of their lives as opposed to someone else telling them what is right and what is wrong for their lives. That is no one’s place. They have one life and it is their life to live. Learn more:


Bob Reina understands this, and he wants to make people’s dreams come true. As a matter of fact, his mission is to change lives. When someone can use that power to change lives, they are a top-notch person and a great human being. It can start with one person, but it leads to other people following in his footsteps.

Meet John Goullet, Diversant LLC’s Principal

Seeking and finding employment is an essential part of growing up. People go to school with the hope that they can find a place to apply the skills they acquire in return for a salary. Companies also look for employees every so often. For a prospective employee, finding employment is not always easy. Similarly, it is not always easy for companies to get employees who are perfectly suited for job. This disconnect between a prospective employee and a prospective employer inspired the creation of staffing companies. One of the industrious entrepreneurs who have come up with successful IT staffing companies is John Goullet.

John Goulett is the Principal at Diversant LLC, an IT staffing company created in 2010. Before his present position, Mr. Goullet was the Chief Executive Officer at Info Technologies, a Company he created in 1994. Diversant LLC was the result of a merger between Mr. Goullet’s Info Technologies and another company, Diversant Inc. His vision has always been to create a pool of well trained, skilled and competitive IT professionals and then to connect these professionals to his corporate clients as employees. He counts most of the fortune 500 companies in the United States among his clients and his website.

Goullet emphasizes on the importance of well-trained staff. He encourages managers and other business leaders to focus on retaining their best staff, even if this means giving them a share of the organization. He also says that business leaders should aim at staying ahead of their competition. When Info Technologies was in existence, it was mentioned among the fastest growing private companies of its time. This alone goes a long way to show that Mr. Goullet’s business advice should be taken seriously and what John knows.

Goullet has a background in IT. He worked for a number of IT companies before he established Info Technologies. He was educated at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania. His day to day life is like that of many successful people, he goes to the gym every morning and he plays golf. He gets to work by 8:00 AM and leaves by 6:00 PM. He also reads for leisure and more information click here.

Jason Hope Envisages Technological Global Synchronization

Technology is an ever-evolving creation that continues to affect and change everything it touches in some manner or other either positively or negatively. In some instances, it has sparked innovative possibilities and realities while simultaneously creating obsolescence of what came before.

The Internet is one such creation that has affected a myriad of facets in the world of today. It has virtually influenced every aspect of our everyday life. Technological advances have significantly affected modes of communication, employment, recreational activities, business models, and education, etc. through the expansive applications of the Internet.

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The Internet of Things refers to similar type impacts on the scope and function of smart technology devices utilizing synchronization. In a January 2017 Endgadget article futurist entrepreneur Jason Hope expressly states that “He is a strong proponent of innovative research and development of new technological applications. Technology is the future. He steadfastly seeks new advantageous ways that individuals and businesses can use technology through examination of its infrastructure for emerging trends. As a futurist, Jason Hope supports and cultivates the next generation of entrepreneurs as they dive into the world of technology.”

He believes it “can completely change the way that businesses operate and to become the single most comprehensive advancement of the technology industry” yet going forward. He enthusiastically envisions global embracement of the Internet of Things thoroughly integrating virtually all conceivable devices with the ability to connect.”

Christopher Burch, Entrepreneur, and Brilliant Investor

Today’s focus is on the modern technology in what seems like all phases of our lives. Recent college graduates that are entering the workforce for the first time are going into high technology positions. The fashion industry has not escaped the world of technology by any means, as there are less and less of the print magazines or just going out shopping to the stores. Now it is a large online business, saving the shoppers from going out to do their shopping.

There are a lot of trends out there now to be aware of. Wearables, such as the Google Glasses or the Apple watches are appealing to the fashion conscious. There is also the 3D printing craze, that back in the day people decided was an impossibility. Now anything you can dream up can be made on a printer.

Although it has taken a while, the data analysis and enterprise solution have slowly entered the fashion world. We are looking for the retail stores to begin to see more reactive inventories and specific designs just for the consumer.

There are now fashion apps, that by taking a picture of an item you simply must have, will work to find you the item you are looking for. There are many new innovations due, to the technological age we live in that have taken the fashion world by storm. This is sure to make life easier all the way around when it comes to shopping for the newest in fashion.

Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand, who’s co-founder is Christopher Burch ( is a man who has always believed in branding and has been quite a success. Mr. Burch has actively over the years invested in a multitude of business ventures that cover a wide range. Currently using his skill in marketing and sales in fashion apparel, hospitality, consumer products as well as financial services and technology.

According to, He has also invested in a property in Buenos Aires that was once a Grain storage building that was then rebuilt into a hotel.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree from Ithaca College Mr.Burch took $2,000 and invested it into buying up sweaters for $10.00 and then marketing them for $15.00.

He is the owner of a resort on the island of Sumba, which is near Bali. The resort boasts 27 villas.

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