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Rocketship Education Builds A Holistic Approach To Teaching Students

Over the course of the life of Rocketship Education, which began in a single San Jose Church Hall in 2006, the approach to learning for students has become more than just something taking place each school day but is also a process taking in almost every aspect of their life. A holistic approach to life for students means accepting that every aspect of life is interconnected and can be amended to aid students in developing their grades and academic life in the best possible way.

Rocketship Education actively promotes the holistic approach to learning and education with a growing desire to bring parents into the classroom and educators into the homes of students. One of the most successful decisions taken by Rocketship Education has been the implementation of home visits by teachers who are looking to make sure students are given every opportunity to succeed within the public elementary school system.

Becoming the leaders of the next generation is an important aspect of the work of the leaders of Rocketship Education who are spending the majority of their time designing new and interesting ways of combining the latest techniques to develop a powerful way of improving the education system for the future. Elementary school education is now about breeding students who have the skills to create a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their families. Energetic days are all part of the Rocketship Education system which is why the group limits its teaching staff only to those who have the ability to create better futures for students and their families.

The Rocketship Education model was born out of the frustration felt by former San Jose Public School teachers Preston Smith and John Danner who felt the current system was failing students at all levels. Opening its doors in a San Jose, California Church Hall in 2006 with a single classroom of students, Rocketship Education has now expanded across three different states and Washington D.C. with students and families assisting each other in providing a platform for further charter school activism when families move to the middle and high school levels.