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Brian Bonar; A Successful Entrepreneur of Our Times

  • June 27, 2017
  • SCSI

Brian Bonar is the CEO and the chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is known to have a desire for the process of design and pays attention to details. He has experience in design development, contract administration, procurement, and site and building design.

With the skills, he is an asset to have when one is doing projects. He is known to be a leader who is ready to assist his customer, members of his team, and project managers attain their goal. His portfolio includes aviation, multifamily housing, retail commercial, he is also known to work on various education projects.

Bonar has over 30 years of project management experience in the financial sector. He has done such a good job over the years that he was titled the Executive of the year in finance by The Cambridge Who’s Who. This is a recognition that is based on academic achievements, leadership qualities, ad accomplishments, which Bonar seems to have attained.

In Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Company, Bonar is responsible for a large selection of employee and employer benefits and aftermarket products. The company offers a unique variety of workers programs that helps to increase the efficiency of the business. Examples of the programs that they create are risk management insurance, employee benefits, and business management service.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar went to Stafford University where he got his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bonar is known to have many business skills like lead generation, marketing strategy, process improvements, and the development of innovative sales. These skills have driven him to start several businesses and transitioned him to the role of a business consultant.

His career began at IBM where he worked as the procurement manager where he got motherboards to be used on the many computers that the company sold. He later joined QMS where he was a director of engineering. Brian Bonar then went to be the Vice president of sale and marketing for the Rastek Corporation. Later he went to Adaptec where he was the sales manager.

After being employed and attaining so many skills over the years, Bonar realized that it was time to go out on his own. It was then in September of 1994 that he founded Bezier systems. This firm was the first to create and market printers based on SCSI. He then went to ITEC where he was the president of Sales and Marketing. After working in this position for four years, Bonar then went to Allegiant Professional Business Services.

Here he was hired to work as the present and improve the sales and marketing. While working at Allegiant, Bonar founded AMS Outsourcing. In 2011, he became the chairman and CEO of Trucept, a company that offers insurance products and temporary employee for businesses based in San Diego.