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Dr. Cameron Clokie: Regenerative Bone Medicine in Toronto

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a well-established and successful surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur with efficient practices in the medical field. There are your average Doctors, and then there are doctors like Clokie who statistically are far more proficient in their work. He taught for many years at the University of Toronto on Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine

These require extreme precision and knowledge. Cameron Clokie is actively engaged in consulting with different business and colleagues of the medical field, utilizing his sharpened expertise and having a tremendous impact on regenerative bone medicine as a whole.

Dr. Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. Here they research musculoskeletal reconstruction and treatment. His knowledge in this field is unsurpassed, as he continually makes strides to advance it every day. These advancements are making it more feasible to move forward towards a brighter future for patients with degenerative illnesses.

His list of achievements is very long and make him an exceptionally credible practicing doctor; understanding the depths and importance of precision while maintaining a genuine attitude towards his patients.

He is frequently sought out for counsel on various medical and entrepreneurial endeavors and provides professional counsel like it is second nature. Of course, Clokie has indeed worked very hard and has made a prominent name for himself in the industry.

He is a holder of 25 US and international existing and/or pending patents that have been implemented into his treatment plans and existing business connections. He is also engaged in the writing of various prestigious medical journal articles and studies of which many have been headed by him.

His leadership and passion for the work of reconstructing bones is a force to be reckoned with. While continuing to tackle to subtle nuances of this field, Dr. Clokie has retained his sense of sympathy for his patience, and knows the difficulties of the ailments they are afflicted with.

Because of this, he uses his advanced medical knowledge through various companies to largely increase the development of our understanding of musculoskeletal degeneration. Dr. Clokie currently continues to seal patents and progress the science as a whole!

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