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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar – The Elite Plastic Surgeon

  • February 22, 2018
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Dallas, Tx is becoming an elite-driven city and because of it, it has to accomodate to everyone’s wants and needs – specifically, with plastic surgery.

Dallas has a wide range of nationally-recognized plastic surgeons. One of the top, board-certified surgeons is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. He specializes in plastic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body, and breasts. He has been in business for 12 years and his experience is shown through his patient’s cosmetic results.

In addition to practicing cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar also practices reconstructive surgery. This means that individuals want or need plastic surgery due to an image-altering injury or condition.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar provides his patients with the best care possible and shows pride and passion in his work. Because he cares about his patients, he wanted to better serve them. So he opened plastic surgery offices in Dallas and Plano. He also opened up three different buildings to meet all of his patient’s plastic surgery needs – the Dallas Day Surgery Center, The Cloisters at Park Lane (a plastic surgery recovery center), and the EpiCentre Park Lane and EpiCentre Legacy (for the plastic surgery specific to skin care).

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s state-of-the-art surgeries give his plastic surgery patients various ways that they can be properly taken care of. He will continue to provide his expertise and knowledge to patients who need his plastic surgery care and as a result, his patients will continue to receive the upmost care at his offices that are pinpointed towards the proper care and recovery of the plastic surgeries.

Amicus Therapeutics Dedication To Handle Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a special organization that is committed to handling rare diseases affecting people. Every program that the program invests in has three key features. It must be in the rare diseases for the devastating issue, technology must have the potential to spearhead the matter, and the clinical information must have the capacity to give important benefits to patients. As Amicus Therapeutics pursues treatments of Epidermolysis Bullosa, CDKL5 insufficiency, and Lysosomal Storage Disorders, it maintains compassionate and personal focus on patients, their families, and caregivers (


That commitment to patients runs as an inseparable unit with Amicus Therapeutics devotion to morals and consistency. You cannot have one unit without the other (ReleaseFact). Acting with trustworthiness and agreeing to law guarantees that everything the organization does to patients meets the greatest standards of professionalism and safety.


Amicus Therapeutics is headed toward innovation and mending. The firm is focused on conveying key merits to the rare & orphan diseases society, whereby the committed leadership team is the spearheading force behind its developments. Team members are always motivated by others giving services in the rare disease community and thus continually aspire to get to new levels.


Mutations cause lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs) in particular lysosomal compounds, proteins that operate in the lysosomal compartment to substrates (degrade molecules) into little pieces that can be utilized to create new particles. Changes in a patient’s (endogenous) lysosomal enzymes may prompt to a decline in the protein’s dependability, and notwithstanding misfolding or unfurling of the enzyme. Temperamental, unfurled, or misfolded lysosomal proteins are for the most part not productively transported to their proposed goal in the cell (i.e., the lysosome) hence degrading substrate. The partial or complete loss of enzymatic activity and protein function can cause various issues such as:

  • Substrate accumulation;
  • Cell death;
  • Disruption of cellular function


Treating of LSD through gene-activated human enzyme or infusion of recombinant is expected to convey a therapeutic protein into the blood with a specific end goal to be carried by cells and afterward transported to the lysosome. After entering the lysosome, the enzyme is supposed to perform the task of the deficient or absent endogenous enzyme, but that is not the case. Issues associated with infused enzyme instability include reduced activity, increased immunogenicity and poor targeting of key tissues among others.

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Osteo Relief Institute: What You Need To Know About Arthritis

Despite being shockingly common, arthritis is mostly not well understood. The term refers to joint pain or ailment in general, and not a single disease as most people believe. Arthritis exists in over 100 forms, affecting a U.S. adult population of over 50 million. Women form a majority of those affected, and the disease occurs more frequently as people age. This condition is the country’s leading cause of disability.


The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which occurs when the cartilage begins to degenerate ( This scenario causes pain, stiffness, and swelling as the bones rub against each other. With time, the joints waken, and the pain increases to chronic levels. The risk factors of this condition include family history, excess weight, previous injury, and age. While the condition has no direct cure, the Osteo Relief Institute provides several treatment options that protect the quality of life while managing the pain.

The Osteo Relief Institute recommends several elements of arthritis self-management which can be ideally employed for relief and maximum success. First, patients may be advised to work on their daily routine by performing gentle exercises before bed while avoiding repetitive movements. Additionally, Osteo Relief Institute provides medical options such as painkillers, physical therapy, and orthopedic surgery.


Based in New Jersey, the Osteo Relief Institute boasts a team of experienced and highly trained staff. The institute also has advanced and state of the art equipment that provide long-lasting solutions to patients. All the employed technology is FDA approved.


Osteo Relief Institute majorly focuses on providing safe and efficient treatments without surgery. The providers specialize in joint injection. Osteo Relief Institute considers itself as the provider of the most effective and advanced knee treatments that are available for patients looking for alternative knee treatments.


Osteo Relief Institute began its operations in June 2012. Other than the New Jersey clinic, it operates multiple worldwide treatment facilities. According to the Better Business Bureau, the facility has an A+ rating.


Osteo Relief Institute is a Limited Liability company. It is managed by IgalDubov, having been incorporated in June 2012. The award-winning healthcare provider lies in the Pain Management Services business category.


The Life of Mark Holterman as a Doctor and a Professor

The Life of Mark Holterman as a Doctor and a Professor

Our bodies must be healthy for us to pursue our daily activities. When one is unwell, our bodies stop functioning normally hence making us unable to carry out our daily routine. The current environment has predisposed us to many diseases that are chronic and life-threatening. Nevertheless, there are doctors globally that treat such diseases and help us maintain healthy lives. Doctor Mark Holterman is one of the great doctors worldwide who contributes to maintaining lives of people living with chronic illness.

Holterman pic good

Doctor Holterman belongs to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) which is committed to finding the cure for chronic diseases such diabetes. The ADA announced a joint initiative with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in early September 2017 with the aim of addressing the increase rate of diabetes type 2 in children and teenagers. These two organizations have come up with an experience known as Camp Power Up which utilizes an evidenced-based curriculum to engage youths in physical activities as well as teaching them on how to make healthy food choices that will reduce the risk of having diabetes type 2.

As the CEO of regenerative medicine –focused Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark maintains a keen interest in the development of cell-based therapies ( President Obama signed the 21ST-century cure act after it was passed by the United States Congress. It was designed to help patients suffering from serious illnesses. These patients benefit by getting fast track to drugs as well as medical devices. In addition, this act channels new funds into the medical research. The act builds on the Food and Drug Administration’s recent practice where by the inputs of patients are incorporated into the urgency’s drug approval procedures. These have enabled the act to provide quick and efficient FDA Approval process for certain stem cell treatments before they are released to the market.

Dr. Mark Holterman studied at the University of Virginia. Holterman is the professor of surgery and pediatrics at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. He has been working as a professor of this University for the past six years. Throughout his life as a clinician and professor, Dr. Mark has been active in many professional organizations including Mariam Global Health, American Diabetes Association among other organizations.

Up to date, Mark Holterman MD has been awarded four awards which include America’s Top Doctors, National Merit Scholar which he received when he was studying at Yale University, Innovative Research Award and NIH Medical Training Program. Dr. Mark has 29 years of experience, and he is primarily located in Maywood IL and Peoria IL.


The Amazing Impact of Eric Lefkofsky in Delivering Cancer Care

With a greater percentage of the adults being diagnosed with cancer at some point in the life in the US, there has been a need for coming up with an efficient care delivery technique. The estimate of cancer patients is foreseen to increase in future. There is a need to utilize the technological advancements in adding up to the fight against cancer.

With incredible advances made by companies such as Tempus, the future in combating cancer is quite promising. Tempus was founded by Eric Lefkofsky who discovered there was still a gap that was not yet filled in the endeavor of fighting cancer. He established this company as a platform for taking charge of data enabled medicinal research.

Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus with an intent of making the data collection process in cancer treatment to be more effective and to ensure incorporation of digital technology in the treatment process. The treatment process of cancer entails collection of copious amounts of data. Mr. Eric saw a need of coming up with a system in which the generated and collected data could be utilized to achieve the best treatment results. Therefore, Tempus plays the role of making effective use of collected information in cancer treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky who is also the founder of Groupon has been actively involved in the race of finding a cure to cancer. He has had a significant impact in the shaping of infrastructure at Tempus aimed at modernizing cancer treatment. In previous instances, Mr. Eric and his wife have been donating generously towards projects designed to finding better solutions to cancer. The two have made donations to various institutes such as the University of Michigan, gastric cancer research at Stanford University and Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University and learn more about Eric.

Mr. Lefkofsky is a Trustee in one of the health care organizations that treats cancer among children, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He is also a member of The Giving Pledge which he joined in the year 2013. Under this organization, he pledged to give half of his family’s wealth to philanthropy. Mr. Lefkofsky generous input may soon yield a breakthrough in cancer treatment since reputable organizations have shifted their interest to finding cancer’s cure which is quite promising and more information click here.

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Lifeline Screening, the Forefront of Vascular Health

Lifeline Screening was founded by its CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Andrew J. Manganaro. The company’s purpose is to screen patients for conditions they are likely to contract in order to implement preventative healthcare measures. The system through which Lifeline Screening runs by ensures that everything about the patient’s health history is taken into account through a distinctly formulated risk algorithm. This algorithm takes many things into account about the patient, including their suitability and likeliness factors surrounding their propensity to develop cardiovascular complications and conditions.

Methods of screening offered by Lifeline Screening include non-invasive ultrasounds for the carotid arteries, as well as other key areas, in order to determine whether the patient will be likely to develop conditions such as peripheral vascular disease. Screenings for osteoporosis and for currently existing anomalies, such as the presence of an atrial fibrillation, may also be screened for and its Website.

How does Lifeline Screening guarantee the most accurate results for screening for certain conditions? They use state-of-the-art technology, such as the well tested Doppler color ultrasound technology, to perform their in depth screenings. Common types of screenings for their patients include ankle-brachial index screening, bone mineral density screenings, carotid artery disease screenings, and abdominal aortic aneurysms screenings. Their limited electrocardiograph screening, which checks for irregular heart beats, is so non-invasive that it doesn’t require the removal of clothing nor any type of specific preparation before screening and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

Certain locations also offer more simplistic screenings like the finger-stick blood screenings that look for particular risk factors surrounding diabetes and heart disease. Through this type of screening, the patient will be pricked by the pad of the finger and a few drops of blood will be taken as samples. Those instruments that are used in finger-stick blood screenings are completely lab accurate and FDA-approved. Major hospitals use the same method of checking for certain conditions, along with pharmaceutical and insurance companies. A benefit to this type of screening is, not only is accuracy, but also its practicality and the fact that you will receive results of the test within ten to fifteen minutes after the samples are submitted and more information click here.

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Bernardo Chua: Teaching About The Benefits Of the Ganoderma Mushroom

Ever since he was a child and first heard about all the things the ganoderma mushroom could do to help people, Bernardo Chua has wanted to shout it from the rooftops. When he was hired as an executive with Gano Excel, he found a more efficient and effective way to teach the world about the benefits of using the ganoderma mushroom.

Gano Excel is a multilevel marketing company that sells edible products which contain the extract of the ganoderma mushroom. With the combination of Chua’s passion about the products, his warm personality and his natural affinity for sales, he helped take Gano Excel into lucrative new markets throughout Asia.

Bernado Chua then turned his attention to the Western World. Few people in the West had ever heard of the ganoderma mushroom. To Chua this represented a great opportunity to teach them all the important things his Chinese grandparents had told him about using the mushroom. So he moved to California and became the head of Gano Excel USA.

He was quickly able to recruit and train a large team of marketing agents. Soon he had a growing number of customers in the United States and Canada that just loved Gano Excel products. Once again Chua had opened up new markets for Gano Excel Products.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to leave Gano Excel and go into business on his own. He formed a company called Organo Gold and began developing and marketing his unique line of ganoderma infused products. In no time flat Organo Gold was a huge hit. Chua’s team of independent marketing agents grew to over a million members. He even marketing his products under the brand name Coffee Connoisseurs. He also remained committed to teaching as many people as possible about ways the ganoderma mushroom could improve their health and their quality of life.

In 2015, Chua decided to change the name of his company to Organo. His business continued to grow as he worked to ensure he provided his customers with the highest quality ganoderma mushrooms possible and sold them at prices anyone could easily afford.

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