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Goettl AC still growing big and better

The pioneer of air conditioning Goettl Air Conditioning, on its bid to dominate national air conditioning market, recently backed up its goals with actions by expanding their reach into southern California, the CEO and owner Ken Goodrich added that they are also planning to serve the northern California.

The south move was made possible through the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air, an HVAC company located in southern California, though the details of the process weren’t made public until after sometime in a view to avoiding some complications in marketing and operations.

The acquisition story was first published in Phoenix Business Journal.

Walton’s has been given a chance to grow beyond its territories where Todd Longbrake, the owner, couldn’t. Goettl Air as well will be having a firm position all over California which is an added market on top of Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson.

Details emerged that Longbrake, Walton’s owner, was unwilling to let go his company when Goettl showed interest back in early 2015. But actual and encouraging words traveled all over the HVAC market about the Goettl and its CEO Goodrich, and that’s what convinced Longbrake to accept the offer.

True to what Longbrake had heard about Goettl, they have witnessed tremendous grow after joining Goettl in mid-2015. Goodrich also commented that Mr. Longbrake adopted the company’s culture sooner than expected, and he is now among the top leaders at Goettl.

Longbrake is now working as the sales manager and field operations supervisor at Goettl Air.

Goodrich mentioned on Linked In that both Goettl and Walton’s have a similar background; both had family ownership. He also added that although Walton’s at the time of acquisition, had stagnant growth, Goettl moved on anyway because they saw an opportunity to grow.

The fruits of the acquisition are evident; the company is now creating more job opportunities, adding 200 more jobs on top of 306. Those benefitting more are the company’s largest consumers, Phoenix and Tucson.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air has been in HVAC industry since 1926 making it the pioneer. With their mission being to make their customers happy by offering top-notch services, the company seems to be doing exactly that. This can be deduced from positive reviews found on glassdoor.com.

Goettl owner Mr. Goodrich bought the company in 2013, and since then, he has propelled it into one of the top air conditioning service providers in the area. The company provides services such as AC repair, heating, and cooling among others. Visit the website, goettl.com.

Jose Henrique Borghi’s Time at the Helm of Mullen Lowe Brasil has Coincided a Period of Tremendous Growth for the Company

If you are currently thinking of launching a product in Brazil, employing the services of Mullen Lowe Brazil would serve you well. The company is today the third largest advertising agency in South America’s largest economy. Away from size, however, the company is arguably the most consistent in making innovative and effective advertising campaigns for its clients. Through its strategic campaigns, the company not only offers general access to the Brazilian public but rather, specifically targets those consumers that are willing to go for what clients’ are offering and more information click here.

The man who has overseen Mullen Lowe’s growth to its current enviable position is Jose Henrique Borghi. The two-decade advertising veteran currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer in conjunction with Andrew Gomes. As the head of Mullen Lowe Brazil, he is in charge of approximately 300 employees. Additionally, he also has to oversee the servicing of dozens of accounts that the advertising agency currently has. Some of the accounts include Honda, Unilever, Parmalat, and Fiat, just to name a few.

A testament to Jose Henrique Borghi’s talents is seen in the success of the Sazon and Fiat campaigns that he directly helped developed. Sazon was forced to build a factory after the launching of the campaign to meet the volume demanded by the public as a result. Equally, the campaign created for Fiat by Jose Henrique Borghi saw the company assume position one in the market. Fiat has held the position for more than 13 years now and learn more about Borghi.

Borghi is quite enthusiastic about sports. He often goes for a morning jog before heading to the office as he believes it gives him the energy to tackle his heavy work routine. Additionally, he also enjoys spending time with his family during his free time. He makes it a point to dine at home every day and Jose Borghi on Facebook.

More Visit: http://josehenriqueborghioficial.com/

Richard Mishaan: The Interior Design Guru Of New York

Revamping your home to look stunning is something a lot of us want to do, but few have the talent to be able to do. If you are living in New York City, then the Richard Mishaan Design Firm is the place for you to call, if you want to have a home that speaks for itself.

Richard Mishaan is one of the top interior designers in the city and has revamped numerous homes all over. He is known for having an incredible artistic sense, which helps him draw up designs for a home like no other. He is known particularly for his style of interiors that he does, which is a beautiful blend of vintage with modern looks. He puts in a lot of hard work to make his homes look the way they do, which is what sets him apart from other interior designers in the field. He has had a long list of clients, some of which are prominent names in their fields. He has also done the interiors for numerous celebrities in the country.


No matter what the structure of the home may be, Richard Mishaan knows how to work with it. He can take almost any kind of home and turn it into something that is truly unique. While working with clients, he tries to make it so that the clients are actively involved in the process. He tries his best to incorporate what his customers want since, after all, they are the ones who are going to be living in the home.


Richard Mishaan is also a published author. He published some of the best homes and interiors that he has created, into one coffee table book. The book is a brilliant glance into the work that he has done, and also serves as a good inspiration for people who are looking to get into interior design.



Nathaniel Ru and his Food & Entrepreneurial Experiments with Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru, the co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen, has experimented with food and business strategies to make his fast food chain venture a success. The high-end salad chain attracts customers with something new – a mix of organic, fresh, healthy, and local. The firm with its first restaurant opened in 2007, made a steep growth over the past decade, and currently, it has 64 outlets with more than 1,700 employees. While serving the best-quality food which collected directly from the cultivators, it also implemented some innovative operational and marketing strategies to rapidly expand across the U.S. As Ru said, the brand stands for something called feeding people better food. Ru and other co-founders, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, are very particular about bringing the latest technology innovation to their brand and more than 30% of Sweetgreen’s transactions come from either its website or mobile app.



The trio thinks for creative ideas that can give a better perspective about the business. One such initiative is shutting down the corporate office five times a year, and the employees work in outlets. This keeps them to be close to the customers, give options for everyone to work at restaurants, and get a greater understanding of store operations. Interestingly, the firm operates without a dedicated headquarters, and the founders shuttle among various offices as it got a national presence. Ru explained his thought that he doesn’t believe in large corporate headquarters and looking for to decentralize the headcount. The co-CEOs perform all the roles in the firm as it helps them to build the team. All the three thinks that a great team can provide an excellent output when it comes to ideas or strategies. While sourcing the ingredients from the farmers, the firm follows the strategy of buying whatever they cultivate rather than instructing them what the farmers need to supply. It is helpful for the brand to source new ingredients and experiments with new dishes.



Nathaniel Ru met his colleagues at the Georgetown University when all the three were pursuing Bachelor of Science in Finance. Immediately after completing the graduation in 2007, they founded the first restaurant in Georgetown. Ru and his friends came to know during their college days that the city had no healthy eating options, and this led to the establishment of the restaurant and brand. Nathaniel believes in “food that fits” which means it matches with budget, value, taste, and imagination of the customers. In 2010, Ru and his partners launched a large food and music festival, sweetlife, which currently attracts more than 20,000 attendees.


Check out Nathaniel Ru on LinkedIn.