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How Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Rates Among Emergency Physicians

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency physician. He has worked at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare for almost the past six years. He graduated in 2004 from Florida State University with a degree in religious studies. He then attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine, graduating in 2009 with his doctor of medicine degree. His residency was completed in 2012 at LSU Health Sciences Center where he was an emergency medicine resident.

He is now a board certified physician emergency medicine. This means that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is highly qualified in this field of medicine. He demonstrated that he has the knowledge and skills it takes to ably perform as an emergency physician. His position entails handling cases that are both in urgent need of care and are potentially very dangerous to the patient. He regularly sees cases including lacerations, gunshot wounds, cardiac distress, fractures, and other emergency conditions. He is trained to make urgent decisions regarding the medical care of his patients and how to stabilize them before they are transferred out of the emergency department an into the right department for longer-term care.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been rated by prior patients on When it comes to explaining conditions and treatments he is rated five out of five starts. For the category of providing follow up as needed he is rated four and half out of five stars. Finally, for his ability to take the time to answer all of his patient’s questions he is rated four and a half out of five stars. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital’s ratings on this site are also above average, such as for scheduling flexibility and having a courteous staff.

Many of his patients are on Medicare and/or Medicaid. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel also accepts two other plans broadly used in the Tallahassee region which are Aetna Signature Administrators PPO and First Health PPO.

Mark Mofid’s Positive Contributions to Gluteal Augmentation Industry

Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon who has played a key role in changing the negative headlines in the industry. He is a renowned expert in the field of cosmetic medical in La Jolla and San Diego. The specialist acquired his stellar reputation due to his medical safety adherence and innovative capability. The San Diego Surgeon puts the safety of his patients first when handling gluteal augmentation cases.

Dr. Mark Mofid is always researching for ways to develop better procedures to replace the existing ones. He uses science, specimen examination, and critical thinking to support his ideas. His human anatomy knowledge enables the practitioner to understand concepts differently.

Mark Mofid has conducted these surgeries for more than eight years. The gluteal augmentation industry was experiencing a challenge of having generic implants that were incompatible with human muscle structure. His goal is to reinvent the whole sector.

As an industry leader, Mark has spent years mastering the gluteal augmentation art. He invented new implants that had a low profile, intramuscular positioned and improved ratios. His innovations were particularly appealing to the outdated subpopulations. Working with Dr. Raul Gonzalez is an indicator that Mofid is a vivid surgeon.

In an interview, Mofid explained that his offices are in La Jolla/UTC. He runs a facility with a full-time nurse, two surgical technologists, and four office assistants. The clinic has a Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal. Dr. Mofid believes that delivering quality work is the best way to promote his clinic.

About Mark Mofid

Mark Mofid attended Harvard University for magna cum laude degree. He completed his craniofacial research apprenticeship and training in general surgery and plastic surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Mofid works in several medical centers in La Jolla and San Diego region including Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, and Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla.

Mofid wrote a publication on facial and breast surgery, and it was documented in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a clinical fellow of San Diego’s Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of California. Mark Mofid is a member of the American College of Surgeons and a representative of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

The Life of Mark Holterman as a Doctor and a Professor

The Life of Mark Holterman as a Doctor and a Professor

Our bodies must be healthy for us to pursue our daily activities. When one is unwell, our bodies stop functioning normally hence making us unable to carry out our daily routine. The current environment has predisposed us to many diseases that are chronic and life-threatening. Nevertheless, there are doctors globally that treat such diseases and help us maintain healthy lives. Doctor Mark Holterman is one of the great doctors worldwide who contributes to maintaining lives of people living with chronic illness.

Holterman pic good

Doctor Holterman belongs to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) which is committed to finding the cure for chronic diseases such diabetes. The ADA announced a joint initiative with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in early September 2017 with the aim of addressing the increase rate of diabetes type 2 in children and teenagers. These two organizations have come up with an experience known as Camp Power Up which utilizes an evidenced-based curriculum to engage youths in physical activities as well as teaching them on how to make healthy food choices that will reduce the risk of having diabetes type 2.

As the CEO of regenerative medicine –focused Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark maintains a keen interest in the development of cell-based therapies ( President Obama signed the 21ST-century cure act after it was passed by the United States Congress. It was designed to help patients suffering from serious illnesses. These patients benefit by getting fast track to drugs as well as medical devices. In addition, this act channels new funds into the medical research. The act builds on the Food and Drug Administration’s recent practice where by the inputs of patients are incorporated into the urgency’s drug approval procedures. These have enabled the act to provide quick and efficient FDA Approval process for certain stem cell treatments before they are released to the market.

Dr. Mark Holterman studied at the University of Virginia. Holterman is the professor of surgery and pediatrics at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. He has been working as a professor of this University for the past six years. Throughout his life as a clinician and professor, Dr. Mark has been active in many professional organizations including Mariam Global Health, American Diabetes Association among other organizations.

Up to date, Mark Holterman MD has been awarded four awards which include America’s Top Doctors, National Merit Scholar which he received when he was studying at Yale University, Innovative Research Award and NIH Medical Training Program. Dr. Mark has 29 years of experience, and he is primarily located in Maywood IL and Peoria IL.