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Jeff Herman: A Pioneer in the Fight Against Sex Crimes

The group “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators” is putting pressure on the New York Senate to pass the Child Victims Act during the 2018 legislative session. Unfortunately, there has been pushback to keep this bill off the Senate floor by the opposition. Actor Corey Feldman and volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnard recently joined the coalition in hopes of bringing more attention to the issue. Corey is passionate about this issue because he is a survivor of childhood abuse. The proposed bill would eliminate the statutes of limitations in sex crimes against children in the state of New York. In addition, civil lawsuits would be allowed for cases up to 50 years old within a one year time limit.

Jeff Herman is a highly respected trial attorney and advocate for victims of sexual abuse and rape. He devotes his entire practice towards sex crimes and has represented over 1000 victims during his career. He has been practicing for over 20 years and has established a national practice called Herman Law. In 2011, Mr. Herman won a landmark case for $100 million against a priest in Miami for sexual abuse. Jeff has a reputation for being relentless against abusers and sensitive to his clients difficult situation. Along with his legal assistance, Jeff also helps his clients with a support system of counselors and advocates.

Jeff represents people of all ages and backgrounds and he has a unique way of connecting with young children. He is also specially trained in interviewing people to minimize trauma, anxiety, fear and embarrassment. Mr. Herman believes the key to preventing sexual abuse is through community advocacy. He regularly participates in advocacy groups and does public speaking on the issue. Jeff also trains law enforcement and other lawyers on how to handle victims of sexual abuse. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and received his law degree in 1985.

Karl Heideck: One of Philadelphia’s Best Attorneys

Philadelphia recently filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo after a year of investigations into the company’s predatory lending practices. The city claims that Wells Fargo violates the gait housing act of 1968 by steering minority groups such as the black and Hispanic people into riskier loans and those with high-interest rates. That makes it difficult for these groups of people to pay their loans and mortgages something that leads to foreclosure of their properties. As a result, the entire city gets hurt as crime rates and sabotage incidents tend to rise while the value of properties tends to decrease. During the investigation, borrowers who came from these minority groups had a FICO of more than 660 while those who were white had lower rates. This is just one among the string of cases and law files which have been filed against Wells Fargo. For instance a few months ago a suit had been filed against it due to creating fake customers accounts to push bankers to meet sales goals and also a few others which are similar to the one that the city of Philadelphia wants to file against the bank. However, instead of backing down, Wells Fargo has come out strongly against the allegations made and states that it has served the city for more than a century now and has always practiced equal and responsible lending. The company has however not written down its legal answer yet. Some of the people who made comments on the matter include the prominent Karl Heideck.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a household name in the field of law and is a contract attorney known for his prowess in all his endeavors. Since 2015, Karl has had his name listed by the hire counsel and is quite an intellectual having earned his degree in law from the famous James E. Beasley school of law and a B.A in English from Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck is one of the leading players in this field for close to two decades now and prides himself on working with a wide range of prominent law firms. Heideck focuses on several categories such as compliance and risk management, corporate and employment law, product reliability, civil litigation and several others and is known for his willingness to serve residents of the greater Philadelphia. Karl Heideck is also a frequent figure in publications and broadcasts where he advises on legal matters such as the recent case against Wells Fargo and the new salary history law. Visit:

Lori Senecal Knows The Principle of Marketing

One of the reasons that not many people succeed in their own business is that they don’t know the principle of marketing. One of the main principles of marketing is to reach out and speak to people. The audience has to be reached so that they will know about the company that is being advertised to them. This is one of the reasons that marketers think about their targeted audience. After all, there is much more to generating sales than just putting together a really compelling and catchy ad campaign with the hopes that people are going to find it and look for the company. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

This is not to say that ads should not be catchy. As a matter of fact, the catchy ads are going to bring in tons of conversions because people see that the company is putting a lot of effort in promoting their items. Therefore, it is important to find an ad agency that is great at what they are doing for advertising. Among the ad agencies that work well is CP+B ran by Lori Senecal. Lori is someone who is very passionate and efficient when it comes to advertising. She comes up with the ad campaign and the moods that are going to bring about the best effects from the customers. Check out Salary to know more.

After the campaign has been put together, the company can make sure that they have their target audience. Therefore, they can look at all of the places that their target audience would go where they will pay the most attention. There is social media, television shows and other areas the company can look in order to advertise their latest promotion so that they will be willing to do business with the company. The right combination of methods will bring about the highest conversions for the company. You can subscribe on YouTube and follow her on Twitter.

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The Man of The Hour

Although some societies exist in complete anarchy, the United States of America remains the contrary. This remains attributed to its “Founding Fathers” and the Declaration of Independence. For those unaware, the United States of America remains a nation that immigrants helped to create. With a population well over 300 million people, the United States continues to inspire and innovate the world. Without such immigration, the United States would have never reached its full potential. With that being said, George Soros remains a prominent figure in the investment community. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

For those unaware George Soros remains one of the most successful investors that ever lived. In addition, his story remains like no other. George Soros grew up in a time when Nazi Germany remained a world power. As a native of Budapest, Hungary, George Soros saw the wrath of the Nazis firsthand. Not only did they seize control of his country, they also killed millions of Jews in the process. Fortunately, George Soros and his family did not become a casualty. In fact, George Soros fled to England in 1947 with hopes of furthering his education. During this time, he went to the London School of Economics. While there, he received a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Due to such a desire for knowledge, George Soros also acquired a master’s degree in philosophy. By 1969, George Soros became a successful businessman. During this time, he opened up his first hedge fund called the Double Eagle. Due to the success of his first hedge fund, he opened his second hedge fund in less than one year. To remain exact, his first hedge fund went from $12 million dollars to a $25 billion dollar business entity. Therefore, it remains safe to say that George Soros knows a great deal about investing. Regardless of a country’s economic situation, George Soros has proven his ability to “weather the storm.”

This remains evident thanks to his $1 billion dollar profit that he made during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis and 1992. Eventually, Soros would leave Europe and make his way to the United States. As an American resident, Soros became even more successful. Furthermore, he remains an avid philanthropist. With that being said, he has donated over $11 billion dollars to charity between 1979 and 2011. In addition, Soros spent a substantial amount of his time diffusing political conflict throughout the world. Learn more about his profile at

In fact, he played a substantial role and assisting Eastern Europe transition from a communist state to a capitalist state. Furthermore, he remains known throughout his hometown for his educational contributions. Considering this to remain conventional wisdom, George Soro’s wealth currently stands at 25.2 billion dollars. In a nutshell, he has a lot of money.

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Todd Lubar, the Realtor and Financier

Todd Lubar in 1995 got into the real estate sector, and his work came up with a successful conglomerate. He vowed to work towards building real estates and helping young budding realtors get finances and advice towards realizing their dreams of owning and selling properties. When he was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he learned of some ways that could conservatively come up with a good mortgage planning. This soft idea allowed him to approach startup companies and offered those services in which he succeeded. He looked for real estate agents, right and honest insurance agencies, CPAs and qualified financial planners who made the basis of his idea concrete.

In a report by Hackronym, in 1999, he acquired an equity position in Legacy Financial Group which was a significant achievement that gave him permission to increase his lending capabilities. Todd could now lend money to other realtors. He opened the Legendary Properties in 2002 which was a bold move. It was a residential development company that enabled fast acquisition of estates by buying, rehabilitation, selling and gaining. The property was for single family occupation and also a twenty-unit project that was to host many families. He quickly got strong connections with people who were in the building industry. New investors could confidently seek loans and repay it comfortably in time while building more properties. His company could get a loan of 20 million dollars from big banks.

Charter Funding was started in 2003 by Todd Lubar where he would give mortgages to the individuals who wished to own houses. It is a branch of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. He has expanded his businesses while helping people get homes. He has made over 7000 transactions and was able to see his might by analyzing and knowing the risks of getting into if he gave out loans in different scenarios. After analysis, he could see the people fit to take his money as credit.

Todd Lubar has amended the laws by coming up with new rules that are updated. He is the person who has been involved in Automotive Scrap Metal recycling program that has given his company a good reputation on environmental conservation efforts. You can visit his website

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Lori Senecal: A Strategic Thinker and Top Female Entrepreneur

Lori Senecal is one of the top women entrepreneurs in the United States. Lori lives in New York City and has a vested interest in technology, photography, politics, business, and entrepreneurship. She is knowledgeable in advertising, integrated market, and digital strategy. Lori acquired a bachelor’s degree in commerce, with a major in finance and marketing.

Lori’s career history

Throughout her impeccable career, Lori has worked for various companies, including McCann Erickson and McCann Worldgroup. While working for these organizations, he held various administrative positions, including the chief innovative officer. According to PR NewsWire, Lori currently works for the CP+B as the senior officer in charge of global operations. Her role enables her to oversee expansion, growth, and coordination of the company’s development project. Since she joined CP+B in 2015, Lori has significantly contributed to the culture and has made remarkable impacts to the agency. Under her leadership, CP+B has grown into an agile, collaborative, and inventive business with strong local and international market flair.

Lori Senecal is a focused executive whose talent warranted CP+B recognition in the global marketplace. This recognition led to the company being awarded the Creativity of the Year Award. The same year, Lori was named as the top four Agency Managers to Watch. As the chief executive of the company, Lori manages the firms’ nine branches scattered across the globe. Aside from CP+B, Lori has also worked for MDC Partner Network as its president and CEO. As the senior executive in this company, Lori was tasked to foster strategic vision and to work with other company’s stakeholders to fuel cross-collaboration and expansion of the firm.

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Lori’s achievements in the corporate world

Lori has also served as the chairman of the kbs+, a company she helped grow by significantly expanding its workforce. Under her management, kbs+ was recognized as one of the best places to work in the city of New York. The company was also listed on the Advertising Age List as one of the rapidly rising companies. In 2014, Lori was recognized as one of the enterprising women to watch. The year before, she was the took home the Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and Innovation. Lori sits on the Executive Board of Directors of the Ad Council. She also empowers women in business and has been accredited as a great women elevator. Lori’s role in women empowerment saw her earn a slot at the 3 percent Conference in 2016 where she and other female executives deliberated on ways to uplift each other.

You can follow her on twitter.

Career Experience Continues To Drive Sam Tabar Forward


Sam Tabar; a capital strategist and a prominent lawyer based in New York City. He runs Sam Tabar Advisory, and has graduated with honors from Oxford University. He then joined Columbia Law School where he worked as an Associate Editor of Columbia Business Law Review. Sam, later on, began pursuing his career shortly after his graduation from Columbia School in one of the most prestigious leading law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. During his stay at Skadden, he advised and counseled clients on hedge funds formation and structure, employment issues, side letters, memoranda and regulatory and compliance issues. He served the company until 2004 when he left the legal career and changed fields to the world of finance management.


In 2004 sept, Sam Tabar joined Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors based in Hong Kong. Later on due to his passion and hard work he was promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. Sam designed and implemented a strategic plan that targeted ultra-high net worth investors, large offices, and institutions across the globe. Also, Sam managed a $2 billion hedge fund for all facets of global marketing and investor relations. He took the business to a whole new level by designing a personal rolodex of around 2000 potential investors and created over400 new investor introductions. Sam continued to thrive in many aspects as he worked closely with the CEO of the company.


Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011as the Director and head of capital strategy for the Asia-pacific region. In his role, he targeted introductions to institutional investors’ foundations, fund of funds, pensions, and endowments. He also managed the capital allocations cycle between investors and fund managers.


In 2015 Dec, Sam was appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer at Fullcycle Energy Fund. Sam will be responsible for the fund management strategy. He said that he is honored to serve as COO and he expects to partner with talented senior leadership so as to meet the goals and the objectives of the company.  Read the full report on Sam’s new appointment here: