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Are Waiakea Water Bottles Sustainable?

While individuals have always found consumption of bottled water convenient, environmental management boards have for the longest time had problems with bottled water. According to them, bottled water increases the number of wastes in the society as well as environmental pollution hence their encouragement of consuming naturally sourced water not packed in bottles. In as much as their arguments are justified perhaps these boards would want to consider the Waiakea bottled water from the Waiakea Water Company.

First launched in the market on the 1st of June 2012 by its founder Ryan Emmons, Waiakea water bottles favor the environmental laws. To begin with, the water company is a sustainable and renewable resource derived from an aquifer abundant in an estimated 14 billion gallon recharge rate. Moreover, the bottles are manufactured in an institution that employees 33% renewable energy. By looking at its form of packaging you can quickly notice its sustainability nature. This is because the bottles are made with 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Compared to the virgin plastic bottles, these recycled polyethylene terephthalates are of high grade and use 85% less energy to manufacture. Another aspect that depicts the environmentally friendly nature of Waiakea volcanic water bottle is their manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of Waiakea water compared to similar water bottles companies is by far much better as Waiakea moderates carbon emission by 90% or more. This means that the bottles holding Waiakea water are 100% RPET.

One of the fundamental aspects of any manufacturing businesses is to deliver their products to their preferred market or target population. During the transportation process, carbon emissions are bound to occur. In an attempt of being cautious on the environmental laws and maintaining their ecological sustainability pillar, Waiakea water uses relatively low-emission vehicles while transporting their bottled waters to their various stores. Majority of the firms that produce water bottled water are not licensed with CarbonNeutral Institution. However, the case is different with Waiakea volcanic waters as CarbonNeutral certifies it. In fact, it is the only existing water bottled company to be licensed by Carbon natural which proves the sustainability of Hawaii volcanic water bottle.

Hiring the Right Type of Help According to Robert Deignan

There are many different types of business models. However, entrepreneurs are more likely than not to hire some help. Robert Deignan has had to hire some help when it comes to his business. Therefore, he has a lot of experience when it comes to hiring help. He also has a lot of advice to give people who are about to start their own business. One thing that he talks about is the type of help to look for. There are a lot of mistakes that entrepreneurs make when it comes to hiring people. Fortunately, there are things that Robert Deignan can tell people that can make everything go a little more smoothly.

One of the common mistakes an entrepreneur makes is hiring people who they are personally involved with. This includes friends, family, and other examples. One of the mindsets that people have when they are hiring their close ones is that they believe that they are going to understand the business the most. However, friendship does not mean that there are not going to be different mindsets. At the same time, there comes a point when one may have to take some action against a friend or a family member. This can cause a lot of pain compared to if the person hired was just an employee.

One thing that Robert Deignan wants people to avoid is a loss of relationship or friendship. This can cause a lot of pain for the individual. Fortunately, aspiring entrepreneurs have that chance to move forward without making these type of hurtful mistakes. Robert Deignan understands that a lot of what may sound good is something that can lead to a bad ending. This is one of the reasons that he avoids hiring people that he is close to in a personal sense.

Breaking Barriers with Johanan Rand

The field of medicine has for a long time focused on traditional healing methods that encompass in-patient and outpatient protocol focusing on treatment. The ‘cure’ approach has not been able to address all issues especially those affecting the aging. Dr. Johanan Rand is a well-known doctor and medical teacher. Dr. Johanan Rand has delved deeper into healing from the foundations of medicine to modern ones and peer-reviewed breakthroughs. His focus is mainly on age-related illnesses. Dr. Johanan Rand has brought together different healing and rehabilitation aspects coupled with in-depth knowledge derived from practices such as acupuncture to provide more holistic perspective to modern medicine.


He founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers for this same reason. The clinics focus on full diagnosis on the body treating it as a whole as opposed to targeting specific diseases. The centers’ encompass treatment, prevention, diets plans as well as lifestyle changes. Dr. Johanan Rand studied medicine at the Albert Einstein Medical Center based in New York. His approach to medicine has provided a less ‘one size fits all’ and a more ‘individual-centered’ view that has made a huge difference for the patients. This kind of treatment targets aspects such as hormonal imbalance and chronic age-related illnesses.


Dr. Johanan Rand prefers to use hormones that are closely matched to the individual, unlike other traditional medical practices that will use synthetic hormones to try treating these anomalies. Some of the most difficult cases that he has managed to handle include osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and chronic pain. The treatment is also progressive for the patients since they are based on programs that patients need to commit to including diet, exercise and hormone replacement therapy.


The methods of treatment by Dr. Johanan Rand work to not only elongate life but also deal with issues that traditional medicine finds impossible to work with. Pushing boundaries has provided the much-needed relief to many that suffer from these illnesses.


Stansberry Research Company

Stansberry Research explains the tactics considered to be useful for the success of a company. The tactics help in making investments through insurance companies. Insurance companies make big profits than the claims of premiums paid back to their clients. Although this kind of investment may look small, they have helped two big fortunes in the United States. It has also created other investment opportunities like Graham and Buffet organization.


Stansberry Research has published many articles about financial advice. The publications give actionable strategies of investments to people who manage their businesses. The company began in 1999, and Porter Stansberry established it. The company has grown and spread across the globe with many subscribers.


Quality investment pieces of advice have contributed to the growth of the company. The company has experienced analysts who publish their work. Stansberry Research company has more than 175 publishers.


Porter Stansberry has a good history of successful accomplishments on sectors of finance. The leaders of the company concluded that out carrying research on him. One of the accomplishments attained by Porter was becoming the first person to edit the Fleet Street Letter in America.


Stansberry is the author of publications investigating the importance of investing in the insurance companies. He is working hard to alert his readers in making investments with insurance companies. In his research, he explains to the readers the reasons for poor performance in insurance investments. Although some companies give good ideas and targets on the investments, they end up operating a loss.


Companies should make sure that they do not only concentrate on premiums. Companies should expand their investment ideas to other areas. On his research, he encourages insurance companies to retain a portion of the money they get from the premiums. This will help the company have money to run the company for a more extended period.


Stansberry Research has encouraged people to invest in insurance companies. He has performed the research for many years to avoid errors of the results. Many insurance companies use Stansberry Research in making decisions. Organizations in need of financial advice use his publications for guidance.


How Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Rates Among Emergency Physicians

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency physician. He has worked at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare for almost the past six years. He graduated in 2004 from Florida State University with a degree in religious studies. He then attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine, graduating in 2009 with his doctor of medicine degree. His residency was completed in 2012 at LSU Health Sciences Center where he was an emergency medicine resident.

He is now a board certified physician emergency medicine. This means that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is highly qualified in this field of medicine. He demonstrated that he has the knowledge and skills it takes to ably perform as an emergency physician. His position entails handling cases that are both in urgent need of care and are potentially very dangerous to the patient. He regularly sees cases including lacerations, gunshot wounds, cardiac distress, fractures, and other emergency conditions. He is trained to make urgent decisions regarding the medical care of his patients and how to stabilize them before they are transferred out of the emergency department an into the right department for longer-term care.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been rated by prior patients on When it comes to explaining conditions and treatments he is rated five out of five starts. For the category of providing follow up as needed he is rated four and half out of five stars. Finally, for his ability to take the time to answer all of his patient’s questions he is rated four and a half out of five stars. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital’s ratings on this site are also above average, such as for scheduling flexibility and having a courteous staff.

Many of his patients are on Medicare and/or Medicaid. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel also accepts two other plans broadly used in the Tallahassee region which are Aetna Signature Administrators PPO and First Health PPO.

Avery Ranch Golf Club Heavenly Place For Special Occasions

Planning Ahead

When was the last time you planned a wedding reception? Hoping that we could find a place that suited all the requirements of the wedding party and guests we made the phone calls and traveled there ahead of time weeks in advance. Over a year ago my best friend and his fiance’, Jeff and Linda, started creating a website for their wedding day. Linda knew more than Jeff and I how many details go into wedding planning.


Bridal Registry and Inviting Guests

Jeff was really excited about getting everything right so that all the guests could get online and view the bridal registry gift lists. Also, he made sure the address of the Church where there were getting married was easy to locate on the website. There was lots of planning to do.


It wasn’t until eight months before the wedding day that when we were talking on a fishing trip one Saturday that catering and reception came up in our conversation. I agreed to help him find the right place. That evening when I returned home I mentioned we were looking for a place where Jeff and Linda could have their reception and Dad recommended a gold course he often goes to.

I told him about the challenge of finding a golf course wedding venues near me. Luckily, after a Google® search, Avery Ranch Golf in Austin, Texas, seemed right. I immediately called Jeff the next day and suggested we take a trip there to see the place.


Indoor and Outdoor Catering

Jeff and Linda agreed that the professional catering service they had at Avery Ranch was the perfect venue to accommodate their 500 guests. If for some reason bad weather struck the wedding guests could also use the indoors to find shelter; otherwise, the indoor banquet hall would be a perfect place to begin and later the party could move outside.


Perfect for Picture-taking

Avery Creek is located on Brushy Creek, which Jeff and Linda decided could be perfect for the photographer to take post wedding pictures. Luckily since it was still early in the year the facilities at Avery Ranch was able to be booked on the day of Jeff and Linda’s wedding.


Finding Entertainment in Austin

Of course, that was only part of the many things yet to be planned. Jeff had some friends who were pop musicians in Austin, Texas, so it was a win/win situation when he later contacted them to book them for the wedding day at Avery Ranch Golf. Linda was concerned about getting the wedding cake there, but Jeff’s musician friend’s wife made wedding cakes as a profession, so both Jeff’s friend and his wife would help out with the music and the refreshments.

Are Freedom Checks free from doubt?

Freedom Checks have been widely promoted as a way to supplement your income. As a culture, we have come to believe that anything widely promoted must be a scam, why would anybody give away something of value? Is it a way to generate income? Or is it just another attempt by somebody to take money from me? The answer is yes.

“Freedom Checks” is a sort of branded version of a legitimate financial vehicle. They refer to payouts from a Master limited Partnership, or MLP. The statute referred to is 26 U.S. Code Subtitle F, and is said to allow tax free operations of the MLP, so long as they generate 90% their income from oil and gas operations that involve storage, production, processing, or transporting the commodity, and, payout 90% of their income to shareholders on a monthly or quarterly basis. I’m not a lawyer, and that interpretation comes from researching other people’s opinions, so your mileage may vary. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

Here’s how it works. You buy units of a Master Limited Partnership, which trade publicly. Firms settle on the MLP structure because it avoids taxes, the payout is taxed once, at the shareholder level, instead of twice as is the case for dividends to stockholders. Also, distributions, “Freedom Checks” which exceed partnership income is treated as capital gains, not income, which has a favorable tax treatment, and the isn’t taxed until the unitholder sells. So far, so good.

The folks that made money in Alaska during the gold rush were not, generally, the ones mining for gold. They were the folks enabling the miners, selling supplies, administering claims, providing services. And so it is with Freedom Checks. You can absolutely probably make money buying units of MLPs. If you buy units in the right MLP at the right price. You can absolutely definitely make money by selling advice to folks who are interested in buying units in MLPs.

The guy behind the infomercials that promote Freedom Checks is Matt Badiali. He sells subscriptions to his investment news letter, where tell advises on which of the approximately one percent of MLPs in which he recommends investment. Return on investment in the right MLP at the right price could return 5 times that which you would make on a CD and receive the favorable tax treatment previously described. Or not. But you may be able to deduct the cost of the newsletter from your income. As I said, your mileage may vary.



Todd Lubar on current trends in the real estate industry

Baltimore, popularly known as the “Charm City” is a favorite area among the young professionals. Although the city is losing in population the demographic data show that many young people are starting their career here. The trend is expected to continue as the economy grows. The trend the economy takes will be a great determinant of the future of the city. With the high number of young professionals settling here, there has been an increase in demand for apartments. The huge demand has seen real estate developers focus thro attention in this area. They are building new apartments as well as refurbishing the old buildings. Currently, there is a high number of apartments and condominiums in the city.


Baltimore is focused on rebuilding the infrastructure sector which is one of the important factors in a city that is promising to grow into one of the best. Infrastructure not only includes the availability of housing units but also god means of transport. Currently, there are many businesses opening up in the city and will soon need people to work. There must be a transport network that will facilitate movement of the people from the suburban areas to the city.


The business sector in the city is gaining momentum rapidly. With the development of infrastructure and presence of young professionals who provide necessary labor, the city is becoming a target of businesses. It has all that is needed to become a great city in the future. Startups businesses are also picking up very well in the area as the environment is conducive for them to thrive.


Another thing that will determine the growth of the city is the cost of living. Projections show that the cost of living in the city will not rise significantly in the new future. This means that for the near future, this will be a good destination for business and people starting their career. Real-estate developers are now focused on the young generation who are going to form a large part of the demographic. Social amenities which address the needs of the young people are also expected to come up. Luxury shopping centers, restaurants and other entertainment joints are going to be on the rise. Even as statistics show a drop in the number of permanent residents in this area, real-estate developers are not worried because the young generation are going to offer opportunities in the future.


Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar currently serves as the President of TDL Ventures. He has experience in the real-estate industry where he has worked exclusively for the last two decades. Todd Lubar has mainly been involved in credit and finance. He also owns various companies related to the real-estate industry and a demolition company.


Todd Lubar attended Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A. in Speech Communication. After his graduation, he ventured into the real-estate industry.


Freedom Checks Are Genuine Income; They Exist

When Matt Badiali posted a video featuring him holding a fat check worth $314,000, no one took him seriously at first glance. In an age when the internet is full of spammers, pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing plans that never seem to deliver their investment promise, it is normal for people to become pessimistic and suspicious of investment openings. However, it is for the same reason that many people are also likely to miss out on great investment information. It turns out that Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are not a hoax.

What are Freedom Checks?

Matt Badiali is a seasoned geologist and investor. He has traversed the world collecting important information in his geological research activities. He has also invested broadly in many sectors. Matt is regarded as a shrewd investor and consultant by his peers. In the controversial video that attracted a lot of interest on social media and in investment forums, Matt seeks to stir the latent investment energy in people. His display of the checks is informed by his discovery that there is a legitimate investment that can yield handsome returns for the American citizens much more than any government-sponsored program. The checks that Matt Badiali was spotted holding are a representation of checks that issued by a certain special group of companies to its investors. In other words, Matt was referring to checks that truly exist. The Freedom Checks that Matt was referring to are issued by master Limited Partnership Companies. The companies number 568 at the moment. They are guided by Statute 26-F. The statute requires such companies to be involved in the exploration and transportation of oil and gas in the US. The law demands that for a company to be included in the MLPs, it must be generating 90% of its revenue from the activities mentioned above. The company is also required to distribute 90% of its profits to its shareholders at the end of every trading season. Visit at to know more.

How Matt Learned of Freedom Checks

Matt is a professional geologist. He has conducted lots of research in the area of natural resources and agriculture. He, therefore, has been engaged to share his knowledge with institutions and individuals. He has lectured in various universities, including the University of North Carolina and Duke University. He has also been requested to lead projects by senior oil industry players including T Boone Pickens. He learned of Freedom Checks when running errands for one the billionaire oil industry players and had a chance to interact broadly with many executives in the oil and gas sector. Read more:



Mark Mofid’s Positive Contributions to Gluteal Augmentation Industry

Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon who has played a key role in changing the negative headlines in the industry. He is a renowned expert in the field of cosmetic medical in La Jolla and San Diego. The specialist acquired his stellar reputation due to his medical safety adherence and innovative capability. The San Diego Surgeon puts the safety of his patients first when handling gluteal augmentation cases.

Dr. Mark Mofid is always researching for ways to develop better procedures to replace the existing ones. He uses science, specimen examination, and critical thinking to support his ideas. His human anatomy knowledge enables the practitioner to understand concepts differently.

Mark Mofid has conducted these surgeries for more than eight years. The gluteal augmentation industry was experiencing a challenge of having generic implants that were incompatible with human muscle structure. His goal is to reinvent the whole sector.

As an industry leader, Mark has spent years mastering the gluteal augmentation art. He invented new implants that had a low profile, intramuscular positioned and improved ratios. His innovations were particularly appealing to the outdated subpopulations. Working with Dr. Raul Gonzalez is an indicator that Mofid is a vivid surgeon.

In an interview, Mofid explained that his offices are in La Jolla/UTC. He runs a facility with a full-time nurse, two surgical technologists, and four office assistants. The clinic has a Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal. Dr. Mofid believes that delivering quality work is the best way to promote his clinic.

About Mark Mofid

Mark Mofid attended Harvard University for magna cum laude degree. He completed his craniofacial research apprenticeship and training in general surgery and plastic surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Mofid works in several medical centers in La Jolla and San Diego region including Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, and Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla.

Mofid wrote a publication on facial and breast surgery, and it was documented in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a clinical fellow of San Diego’s Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of California. Mark Mofid is a member of the American College of Surgeons and a representative of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.