A Journey Through Scott Rocklage’s Mind

According to idea mensch in 2003, Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., joined a company called 5AM Venture as a venture partner in the year 2004, he became a managing partner. Ideamensch interviewed Rocklage; he said that his business is a venture capital firm that’s based on science. It was named 5AM because they’re in the business of company formation which is regarded as an early stage, and literally, 5AM is early.

Rocklage continued saying that he doesn’t have a typical day. Sometimes he spends his day either working with a portfolio management team of the company, studying life science new areas, or attending or preparing board meetings.

He stated that he brings his idea to life by working with entrepreneurs, who are either business-executives, physicians, or scientists, assisting them in molding their ideas to become potential medicines for treating unmet medical needs.

The trend that excites him is the explosive growth of being capable of targeting particular mutations or genotypes in treating cancer in ways that are unique. That has led to saving and extending lives, and they’ll develop improvements very soon. Rocklage said that the strategy that helped in his business growth is that he always stays true to what their business is best known for and doesn’t stray too far from their strengths.

Rocklage has more than 30 years’ experience in healthcare management, with responsibilities of strategic leadership that led to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval of three United States New Drug Applications: Teslascan, Cubicin, and Omniscan. He also has many drug candidates in clinical trials.

He used to work for Ilypsa, which was acquired by Amgen and Miikana, which was acquired by EntreMed as Executive Chairman.

Rocklage studied at UC (University of California), based in Berkeley, and received a BS in Chemistry. He also has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, which he received from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where he used to research in the Richard R. Schrock laboratory and won Chemistry Nobel Prize in the year 2005. Rocklage is a co-inventor or inventor of more than 30 U.S. patents. He has over 100 publications that are peer-reviewed.

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