Incarcerated Technology by Rick Smith and Securus Technology Is Amazing

Mr. Richard (Rick) Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology which is a leading corrections company located in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technology is an innovative for-profit company that initiates modern technology for prisons.

As the Securus aegis, Rick Smith set out as his goal to serve Securus clients with hardware and software technology to protect correction systems from data breach incidents, to control contraband cell phones, in addition to new biometric analysis, video, voicemail, and many other unique features. Follow Rick at

Richard Smith has a background career in telecommunications having worked at Eschelon Telecom, Inc., its Chief Financial Officer in 1998 to 2003, its Chief Operating Officer in 2003, for three years as the President in 2008, then promoted to its Chief Executive Office for four years.

In addition, Rick had a career as Chief Information Officer, Vice President then President at Frontier Information Technologies. He also worked at Midwest Telephone Operations and Network Plan as their Vice President and Operations Director, respectfully. In 2008 Securus Technologies hired Rick Smith as its president and CEO, then in 2009 he became the company’s chairman.

At each career move, Rick Smith grew the company’s revenue exponentially. Mr. Smith acquired a degree at Rochester Institute of Technology in the field as Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in B.A. He also holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Mathematics from State University, New York.

The success of Securus Technology led the company to purchase JPay, Inc. JPay is also a leading technology company that created electronic payments, email, and many entertainment and educational apps for the correction/prison systems.

JPay is headquartered in Miramar, Florida and they create digital products that gives inmates access to entertainment and educational products. With the JPay acquisition, it propels Securus Technology even further ahead of the industry in equipping the prison system in its security efforts and reform efforts. Mr. Smith stated that JPay will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Securus.

It is the passion of Rick Smith Securus to provide the criminal justice system the technology that benefits inmates, prison staff, and families with secure and inclusive modes of communication.


Rick talks about Healing Magic which is the technology provided by Securus to have inmates receive positive, reinforcing emails and letters that encourages incarcerated men and women throughout the prison system. Healing Magic allows inmates to stay in touch with the outside world, helping them to make a safer alternative and decisions so that when they are released they do not commit terrifying acts because they are better prepared to adjust to the outside world. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Customer reviews on the use of Securus Technologies in crime detection

Operating from the state of Texas, Securus Technologies is a giant company leading in the design of new technology used in prisons. The company also provides technology used by the department of crime to come up with the answers for problems in departments of public safety, interrogation, monitoring, and corrections.

I have come to understand that the company’s software has successfully been used to deter and solve prison transgressions such as inmate versus inmate crimes. Securus Technologies has branch offices in Carrollton and Allen in Texas plus also Atlanta in Georgia, with a labor force estimated to be about one thousand people.

Some constitute communications received by the company from officials in the prisons across the United States, have been tabled down for sampling reference. Specific details that would jeopardize the innocent have been categorically eliminated.

Below are some of the comments I got from an article about the use of Securus Technologies software in preventing and resolving crimes.

  • “I am glad to inform you that using your technology in our case; we were successful to get a search permit for the unlawful employees by using the cell data we extracted. Pass my thanks to your entire faculty.”
  • “We are pleased with Secure Technologies for your LBS software. Our interaction with this software has fastened our work
  • “We used your tools for investigations in dealing with harassment complaints, and the results were positive.”
  • “We were carrying on with our investigations when I contacted you about the cover alert feature. Your assistance went a long way. ”
  • “Our prison has reliably used your technology for over the last ten years, and it is very motivating to see that you are still pushing for more innovation and creative ideas to handle our platform.”

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