Jim Hunt Announces a New Product



Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and a successful entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. Currently, Jim serves as the chief executive officer of VTA publications. Jim has created of a track of history for himself in the stock market industry. He is also popular for his accurate market trends predictions. Jim continues to issue strategic outlines and guidelines to VTA publications. The company is mainly dedicated to offering distance learning courses which focus on teaching new investors how to how to trend safely in the market.

Jim is well experienced in making safe and also intelligent trades in the stock market. Equally, Jim is well known for his YouTube account which he uses to give free information to investors. His ability for making safe and extremely accurate predictions and also translating information to the average investors is what gives his informational videos greater credibility.


VTA publication is a non-fiction publisher that specializes in distance learning courses and also organizing events catering to particular genres. The organization was founded in 2012 and has thousands of clients across the globe who enjoys the company’s services and products. The company is spearheaded by Jim Hunt who sits as the president and the CEO, armed with few simple trade tricks, Jim has seen the company thrive through various strategies.


Recently, in August 2016, Jim was dubbed as a whistle-blower who helps the small investor to beat the banks. Jim and VTA publications promised to make his mother a millionaire in mere ten steps that are meant to show how easy his stock trading systems is.


The program is well known as make mom a millionaire in just ten trades. Jim gives the ten simple steps in his YouTube account for free, after completing the ten steps he promises that he intends to make his mom a tax free millionaire, and true to his words, the first step was completed a couple of days after the announcement.


Geoffrey Cone and Tax Free Encouragement

The industry that Geoffrey Cone is in allows him the chance to make sure that he is doing things right for different people. He wants to make sure that things are better in the industry and that people are able to get what they need when it comes to the different tax aspects of living in a different country.


Geoffrey Cone works with a lot of people who are planning to make a move. He can help people decide on the different things that they need to know about moving and this is something that has been a big help to the way that things are done for people who are moving. He wants to be sure that people know what they will need to have if they are making a move. As an attorney, the advice that he gives comes from the point of view of an expert.


Global moves are a big deal and are something that people are able to do when they want to switch countries. People may have different reasons for moving to a different country and this is something that can be very complicated. Geoffrey Cone actually makes it easier for people who are making the move. He wants people to know that hiring an attorney is one of the easiest ways that they can make their move and their subsequent transition into a new country much easier. He provides all of the help that they need to move properly.


It is an English speaking country, it has a great job market and there are plenty of houses for people to choose from when they move there. Combine that with breathtaking scenery and a great economy, people are truly drawn to New Zealand. Geoffrey Cone actually meets a lot of clients and potential clients who want to make the move there. Some people, though, only want to move there because they think that the country is a tax haven and that they will not need to pay taxes when they make the move to New Zealand.


Even though it is a great country to live in, New Zealand does not offer the benefits that tax havens do. The country is not a tax haven and it is a place that has tax averages that are about in line with other countries that are similar. People who move to New Zealand because they don’t want to pay taxes will be disappointed because the country does require people to pay taxes.