EOS Becomes Well Known In the Lip Balm Industry

Around seven years go, pastel cylinders of lip balm started popping up in many supermarkets and drug stores. The products are from EOS, and they were first seen in Walgreens before being sold in Target and Walmart. The beauty editors at Allure and Cosmo have even featured EOS lip balms, and celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian made EOS more popular when they were seen using the balms.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is worth $250 million and has become the second best selling lip balm in the United States, according to Kline Research. EOS has even exceeded Blistex and Chapstick sales, which have been around much longer.

Sanjiv Mehra, the cofounder of EOS, states that when the company was still very new, executives made the decision to keep EOS’s marketing strategy a secret. Mehra said the main focus of EOS was to make quality products and distribute them. He shares that as the company has grown, it has become increasingly important to let consumers know about the values and business practices that EOS incorporates into its formula for success. This is why EOS has finally shared information about its profits and ranking in the lip care industry.

Kline Research also states that EOS lip balm is responsible for the growth of the oral care industry. The company now sells more than 1 million products each week, and the future of EOS looks very promising. The lip care market is expected to increase by $2 billion by the year 2020, and this is largely due to the public’s demand for organic and natural products, which EOS is known for.

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Are Waiakea Water Bottles Sustainable?

While individuals have always found consumption of bottled water convenient, environmental management boards have for the longest time had problems with bottled water. According to them, bottled water increases the number of wastes in the society as well as environmental pollution hence their encouragement of consuming naturally sourced water not packed in bottles. In as much as their arguments are justified perhaps these boards would want to consider the Waiakea bottled water from the Waiakea Water Company.

First launched in the market on the 1st of June 2012 by its founder Ryan Emmons, Waiakea water bottles favor the environmental laws. To begin with, the water company is a sustainable and renewable resource derived from an aquifer abundant in an estimated 14 billion gallon recharge rate. Moreover, the bottles are manufactured in an institution that employees 33% renewable energy. By looking at its form of packaging you can quickly notice its sustainability nature. This is because the bottles are made with 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Compared to the virgin plastic bottles, these recycled polyethylene terephthalates are of high grade and use 85% less energy to manufacture. Another aspect that depicts the environmentally friendly nature of Waiakea volcanic water bottle is their manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of Waiakea water compared to similar water bottles companies is by far much better as Waiakea moderates carbon emission by 90% or more. This means that the bottles holding Waiakea water are 100% RPET.

One of the fundamental aspects of any manufacturing businesses is to deliver their products to their preferred market or target population. During the transportation process, carbon emissions are bound to occur. In an attempt of being cautious on the environmental laws and maintaining their ecological sustainability pillar, Waiakea water uses relatively low-emission vehicles while transporting their bottled waters to their various stores. Majority of the firms that produce water bottled water are not licensed with CarbonNeutral Institution. However, the case is different with Waiakea volcanic waters as CarbonNeutral certifies it. In fact, it is the only existing water bottled company to be licensed by Carbon natural which proves the sustainability of Hawaii volcanic water bottle.

Hiring the Right Type of Help According to Robert Deignan

There are many different types of business models. However, entrepreneurs are more likely than not to hire some help. Robert Deignan has had to hire some help when it comes to his business. Therefore, he has a lot of experience when it comes to hiring help. He also has a lot of advice to give people who are about to start their own business. One thing that he talks about is the type of help to look for. There are a lot of mistakes that entrepreneurs make when it comes to hiring people. Fortunately, there are things that Robert Deignan can tell people that can make everything go a little more smoothly.

One of the common mistakes an entrepreneur makes is hiring people who they are personally involved with. This includes friends, family, and other examples. One of the mindsets that people have when they are hiring their close ones is that they believe that they are going to understand the business the most. However, friendship does not mean that there are not going to be different mindsets. At the same time, there comes a point when one may have to take some action against a friend or a family member. This can cause a lot of pain compared to if the person hired was just an employee.

One thing that Robert Deignan wants people to avoid is a loss of relationship or friendship. This can cause a lot of pain for the individual. Fortunately, aspiring entrepreneurs have that chance to move forward without making these type of hurtful mistakes. Robert Deignan understands that a lot of what may sound good is something that can lead to a bad ending. This is one of the reasons that he avoids hiring people that he is close to in a personal sense.

Jeremy Goldstein On Hosting A Recent Dinner For Fountain House

There is nothing more important than giving back in life. It is the most rewarding and heartfelt things any human can do to ease the suffering of others. There are any organizations that make it their sole purpose and mission to give back.

One of them is called Fountain House and it is located in New York. Founded in 1944 by six people who were passionate about helping men and women who suffer from mental illness recover with a number of services to get their lives back on track.

Four years later the six individuals were able to purchase a house with a little help from supporters. It would be located in New York City and named the organization after the fountain located in the garden at the house. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

This would be the beginning the a long lasting organization who beat all the odds and successfully helps so many people in need. They have accomplished so much that other organizations model their organizations after Fountain House.

To celebrate this incredible organization three individuals hosted a luxurious dinner in their honor. Jeremy Goldstein, Jim Finkel, and Omar Khan were there to make sure guests had a lavish evening with a delicious dinner and vintage wine to boot. It was a wonderful night filled with opulence and good company. Jeremy Goldstein has been an active member of Fountain House for over a decade. He believes in their mission to help people. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamench

They are the largest connected housing community in New York. Members can build their confidence and skills working in a chosen area including membership, horticulture, communications, reception, education, and even culinary area. Follow Jeremy on Twitter

These invaluable lessons help them build self-esteem and dignity so they can find employment, further their educational pursuits, or even both. Fountain House wants to set up their member for success so they can live fulfilling lives no matter where they came from. Fountain House has been around for over 70 years and helps over 100,000 members annually.

Jeremy Goldstein is not only a philanthropist giving back on the Board of Directors for Fountain House, but is also a well known lawyer in New York City. He has actively participated in some of the biggest company transactions in the past decade that have changed the course of many corporations. Jeremy received his law degree from New York University School of Law

Mr. Goldstein started his own private law firm focusing on corporate matters including executive and such. It was founded over a decade ago and is called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Prior to getting his law degree Jeremy actually studied Art History and earned two degrees in it.

He went to Cornell University and the University of Chicago achieving both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Art History.

Jeff Herman Dedicates His Expertise As A Lawyer To Representing Sexual Abuse Victims

Every society cannot be termed as perfect. There will always be various acts that taint a bad picture when it comes to the different societies. Among the acts that have been rampant for a long time are such as child abuse. Child abuse victims have been on the rise. Nevertheless, few people have been able to find a suitable solution to the problem. However, Jeff Herman who is a renowned lawyer has been representing the victims who have been sexually violated. The renowned attorney has been at it for the last two decades. Although representing a child abuse victim in court doesn’t undo the effects of the heinous act, the victims at least get a peace of mind after the sexual predators have been given a sentence that equals their crimes.


Background Check


Jeff Herman started out as a lawyer who would take up cases that involved representing both huge and small business corporations. However, a time came when a parent approached Jeff Herman seeking his expertise as a lawyer. The parent’s child had been abused sexually, and Jeff Herman was among the people who were in the best position to help out the victim. Mr. Herman took up the case, and he made sure that the victim got the justice that they deserved. Although that was Jeff Herman’s first case regarding representing sexual abuse victims, he felt that he had an inner calling and decided to advocate for the rights of sexual abuse victims since then.

Today, Jeff is the Managing Partner of Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.


Herman Law Comes to Life


After taking up the case that involved representing a child abuse victim, Jeff Herman decided to champion for the rights of such victims by representing them in court. Since Jeff Herman had decided to stick to sexual abuse cases, he decided to establish Herman Law. Together with his with the vast pool of professional lawyers who work at Herman Law, Jeff Herman has been able to represent many victims, and he at least puts a smile on their faces by making sure that they have been served the justice that they deserve. By pursuing his life’s calling, Jeff Herman has been able to help out many victims, and he is proud of the work that he has been doing day in day out. Refer to This Article for more information.


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End Citizens United: Fighting For The Citizens Affected By The Decision Of The Citizens United Court Case

There is a political action committee that has dedicated much of its time and energy towards fighting the influx of cash that has been generated by the recent decision of the Supreme Court to allow corporations to function under the same liberties provided to individuals with the free-speech amendment. End Citizens United is solely dedicated to this decision made during the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a case that eventually made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The decision wasn’t specifically issued because Citizen United published a piece that they billed as a movie but was essentially an hour-long attack ad featuring the current political nominee Hillary Clinton.

Noticing that there was something off about the movie, the FEC immediately wanted to have the ad pulled and ordered Citizens United to give up their funding source. Eventually, the court case made it to the highest judges in the land, and they upheld that Citizen United would be able to function in much the same way that individuals can when it comes to election donations. This decision immediately set forth in an influx of funding to various candidates all over the nation, something that terrified the founders of End Citizens United.

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End Citizens United is highlighted in the article “End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” because of the steps that they are taking to help combat the choices that have been made in recent years when it comes to the financial participation of corporations all over the nation. The first thing that they decided to do was help support those politicians that chose to wriggle free from the thumb of corporate control. They engaged in a fundraising campaign that would help expand the coffers of these individuals, leaving them free of outside control.

Their networks are extensive, and they’ve managed to raise a substantial amount of money, even suggesting that their current funding for this round of political elections is nearing the $35 million mark. End Citizens United is also very interested in overturning the decision that was made by the Supreme Court on that day. They believe that while individuals should have these liberties when corporations are given the same rights they are put in a position that disadvantages the rest of society because they can wield undue control over the political process. It is there hope that one day this decision will be overturned and there will be a greater sense of equality when it comes to the democratic process.


International Meat Processing Group- OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is an international food processing organization. The food processing firm was created in 1909 by a German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, and he located the family business in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto together with his sons worked hard, and in 1917 they expanded the meat business to Maywood one of Chicago’s suburbs. A name was given to the meat firm, and in 1928 it was known as Otto&Sons. Otto&Sons delivered quality meat to their clients, and their reputation led to their partnership with McDonald’s. In 1955 when the famous food store opened their first store in Des Plaines, Illinois, they chose Otto&Sons to be their meat supplier. Over the years the handshake between Otto sons and the Chief Executive Officer who is also the founder Roy Kroc has grown to be a secure connection.

Ever since the foundation of the meat firm, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion, and after a few years in the market, Otto&Sons created a meat processing plant in the West of Chicago. The meat factory was established in 1973, and it is considered to be of high volume because it had liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels, as well as patty forming machines. Glenmark was created as a small unit within the meat firm to help in distribution processed meat to other clients apart from McDonald’s. In 1975 the name Otto&Sons changed to OSI Industries. OSI Food Solutions has continued to expand their market throughout the world. To achieve the expansion and even reach more people the meat organization has been acquiring other organizations including Baho Food which is a Dutch company that deals with the supply of snacks, and deli meats. Flagship Europe is another organization purchased by OSI Food Solutions expanding their market to Europe. The food firm which was acquired in December 2016 deals with manufacturing of frozen foods including peas, and sauces.

OSI Food Solutions is described as an International meat processing firm. The meat group is founded on strong values, and they believe in the distribution of quality meat products. They have qualified and experienced staff who do market research. The firm realized that there was a gap between the supply and the demand of poultry meat in China, and this led to the establishment of one of the largest poultry processing plant in China by OSI Food Solution. OSI Food Solution is built on strong core values which are to work together as a team, research advanced solution, do the best for the organization, as well as seek productive partnership connections.

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Can You Make Money with Freedom Checks?

Multilimited partnerships (MLPs) are not exactly the most well-known investment endeavors. Thanks to the recent publicity surrounding “freedom checks,” more people now find themselves becoming aware of these investment opportunities. Freedom checks reflect different kind of equity investment. The investment comes with the potential for receiving significant revenue dividends from a specific business sector. The payout on the dividends receives the nickname freedom checks thanks to the financial freedom cash windfall distributions may deliver.

Any investor receiving a check for, say, $20,000 or more in the mail definitely will embrace the freedom the distribution represents. You can do a lot with money paid out on a good investment. Retirees or people planning for a future impending retirement likely wish to maintain financial freedom and stability through positive investments. Multilimited partnership investments just might deliver such results. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Where do these investment opportunities come from?

Many years ago, Congress passed a law establishing investment rules for multilimited partnerships. Business running these endeavors access tax free benefits as long as they pay about 90% of their income to investors. The businesses must also conduct an equal percentage of their business in domestic oil and gas ventures. Oil and gas companies rely on investment capital to find a variety of operations. For an investor willing to deal with the risks associated with this industry, an opportunity presents itself.

Those opportunities appear positive in light of the $30 billion in freedom check payouts. The colloquial term freedom check might seem funny, but the check is simply a distribution on generated revenues. Investors can do whatever they want with the money, but most likely look towards using the funds to make retirement comfortable. Granted, no age limit exists barring the ability to invest in a freedom check opportunity. People other than retirees can certainly do so. In general, this type of investment to assist those looking to overcome the limitations of pensions, Social Security, and flat investment portfolios. Hence, a freedom check opportunity finds itself connected to retirement planning. Again, MLP investments are not limited to retirement planning. Anyone seeking a dynamic investment opportunity can explore MLP ventures.

These types of investments aren’t necessarily for everyone. Different investors look at risk from equally different perspectives. After reading up on how MLP investing works, some might find the chance to collect freedom checks worthwhile. At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt to perform some basic research into this type of venture. Watch:

Join The Chainsmokers In The Making Of ‘Somebody’

You may know the EDM-pop duo The Chainsmokers from their song #selfie, which held a spot in the top twenty in several different countries. Or maybe it was “Roses”, or “Don’t Let Me Down, which both held top spots that got your attention.

What exactly makes a great song? Not many artists can put out a song, that not only fits into our lives, but reminds us to stay true to ourselves. The song Somebody really gives off the message, that even when we are trying to keep up with everything that is going on around us in our lives, none of it is worth the loss of oneself.

Join the Chainsmokers in their studio, and enjoy the clip the duo posted on their Facebook. Though the clip is fun, it will also give you a small sample of what kind of processes they have to go through. Drew, and Alex, promise that more information on how the song was made will be revealed soon.

Taggart has described his own music as a mix of indie, pop music, dance music, and hip hop. The pair have also confessed that their musical inspirations were, Pharrell Williams, Linkin’ Park, and deadmau5. They also admitted that some of their performance inspirations came from artists such as Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, and even Taylor Swift!

Let’s face it, even though EDM is loved by heterosexuals and LGBTQ alike, without the LGBTQ community EDM most likely would not be where it’s at today! A lot of our genres of music were born from communities needing a space where they can express themselves. It’s so incredible how music can help, heal, and connect us!

Its great to have such an awesome band like The Chainsmokers to relate to. You can keep up with the latest from The Chainsmokers by following them on Twitter through @TheChainsmokers, also don’t forget to check out their home on Facebook!

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Expresses His Thankfulness At Ceremony Honoring Him

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is an accomplished professional in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a judge as well as a college professor who teaches criminal law. He was recently honored by the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and in a well attended ceremony he had a new auditorium named after him on one of the university’s campuses. This was the Perdizes Campus where he teaches.

The president of the university, Dirceu de Mello, presided over the ceremony honoring Marco Antonio. Dirceu said that when he was president of the Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals he came to know Marco Antonio as someone that was energetic and always willing to take on any job. As a judge da Silva had been instrumental in getting PUC-Sao Paulo’s auditoriums built was it was only right that one of them was named after him.

Marco Antonio was born in 1958 in Itapetininga. Early on in his life he set his ambitions on one day being a judge. He became a student at PUC-Sao Paulo in 1977 and earned his legal degree in 1981. He continued his education at Pontifical Catholic University earning masters, teacher, doctorate, and specialty degrees. He became a professor at PUC-Sao Paulo in 1982 and was granted tenure in 2003. He went to the Faculty of Law of Coimbra in 2005 in order to complete his postdoctoral fellowship.

It was in 1983 that Marco Antonio Marques da Silva became a part of the state judiciary. Over time he worked in a number of counties including Monte Alto, Palmeira D’Oeste, Sao Paulo, and Diadema. He became a substitute judge in 2002 and in 2007 he was assigned as a judge on the Court of Appeals.

At the ceremony Marco Antonio started off by thanking his family and friends who were in attendance. He said that he knew he had been supported throughout his life by those who know him and greatly valued the family and friends. He was also thankful for the education he received and thanked the justice system and God for all of the success he has attained.

Lee May Invests in Their People and the Environment

Lee May is looking to raise an amazing ten thousand dollars during an ambitious crowdfunding campaign. The company has almost reached twenty percent of their goal already. They plan to give the money to the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club in order to allow them to get a new minibus. Lee May has been a sponsor of the Club and supports their mission to help young people go to a safe place and enjoy boxing. It helps to develop young minds and gives them a family atmosphere to enjoy. They might not have access to such an atmosphere otherwise.


The boxers compete in European tournaments and a minibus will help them get to where they need to go. The head of Lee May is a huge boxing fan and wants to give the club everything the company can.


Lee May was created by a group of Directors that have many years of construction experience. Their main goal is to bring innovative solutions to the construction industry while keeping workers safe and not skimping on the quality. The management team has construction experience that adds up to over one hundred years among them. The products Lee May produces are backed by insurance and under full warranty.

They have a reputation for giving professional service and economical products with many ISO accreditations under their belt. They continue to enforce sustainable policies that keep them conscious of the waste they are disposing of and how it should be done in order to operate in a greener manner.


They want to make sure their equipment is safe and only the highest quality. They want to create an Injury-Free Environment and take this very seriously within their company and those that they work with.


As an established company providing Design and Build for both Residential and Commercial projects they take care of their people. Lee May considers the people that represent them as the most important asset and happy employees make great employees.